Time Floods Lonely Boris

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The one and only
Fame, Fortune, Followers
The one and lonely


‘Time flies,’ said the skipper as I turned off the hyper drive.
‘You can say that again,’ I said.
‘Time flies,’ repeated the skipper.
Then I got it.
Damned hyper drive, going so fast it messes with …
I swatted them. Those damned time flies.

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Guru Tony says: The 2nd major storm to hit the UK in a week is unleashing its fury with flood warnings aplenty. Meanwhile, the coastline is eroding as the sea gets hungry. No one dare mention the 2 feared words – water table … rising!

Polly Ticks says: So Boris has made the youngster Rishi Sunak Chancellor of the Exchequer. He doesn’t look like a puppet, but Boris is increasing his power grab. As long as his self-interest agrees with mine, fine. But Big Boris, I’m watching you.

Endurance of old
When different thought led to stake
For the love of God

SUNSET: As the sun goes down the dark veil rises. There will be agony tonight; fear, violence, greed & corruption. And the criminals are even worse.

Such a recipe
Food of all kinds served daily
Best dished up for thought

 Taken from Bermuda Triangle. See Essays page, above
Gas hydrates on the seabed could also play a part, releasing methane in large quantities. Rising to the surface, water would go frothy, buoyancy would fail and a boat would sink. Rising into the air, methane could ignite a plane engine. Wreckage hits the bottom, water disturbance eases and silt covers the evidence.

Book 27 of 68, Mysteries of the Bible, out 27 March

33 comments on “Time Floods Lonely Boris

  1. Thanks for that, Rosemary. At the moment, where I am the sun is trying to shine, yet other areas are being battered. I’m sure it will come soon, like yesterday, and last weekend …

  2. I love your post Anthony, all of it!
    It is so good to see you back as I didn’t realise how much I missed your unique style of writing – until reading the above.
    Anna :o]

  3. Well, hello Anthony North! How I’d like to see inside your head. It must indeed be a busy place. I very much enjoyed my visit here, except for those pesky time flies!

  4. Eek, time flies! Time to break out the bug zapper. LOL, Poly Ticks has plenty to keep her busy in the UK, but goodness know we have plenty to talk about in the US too.

  5. House flies lay their eggs
    100 in nasty place
    We see maggots hatched
    20 to 30 days life
    Nasty and bother to us

    It’s nice to see you again, I seldom peeked in and never commented since OSI closed. Your posts are always so interesting, this one is no exception.

  6. Hi Anthony, I’m returning a Thank You for visiting my Fog and (wolf) Dog write. Yes, “Lucy and her diamonds recollection” also tickled my Muse. Then for the final two lines. (the diamonds now for the taking) “Shiny bubbles before the sun” reminded me of the 1967 (before your time??) “Tiny Bubbles” song written by Leon Pober and performed by Don Ho.” It was a fun write for me.
    BTW, I played from on-line YouTube that song for Mrs. Jim as today is our wedding anniversary.

    1. Hi Jim, thanks for calling back and, oh, I was around in 67. Indeed, by 1970 I was lead guitarist in a local rock band. I hope you have a great day.

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