Science Fiction: Ulrika & the Mysterious Lady

Story from i, spaceman

… one of 18 ebooks in The ‘I’ Series – flash fiction (horror, sci fi, crime, romance & twist in the tale), poetry and short essays from politics to the paranormal.

Ulrika Fayn was a star traveller from the future who became trapped in the universal mind. This was such a strange experience, she didn’t know whether she was real, or a thought in the mind of some storyteller. But regardless, she simply had to think of being somewhere and she was.
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Science Fiction: Planet Simple

A blogger bard 40 sec story

They were ready to cook, and chef had prepared the creature, ready to put it on the spit.
They’d been on the planet for nearly a month now and reached the phase where they were to try living on what was available – after all, if it was to be colonized, this is how it would be.
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