Storm Tribute Slanging Extinction

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It’s taken us far and wide
To landscapes mysterious on this world
And beyond
To philosophers and lovers, good or bad
To poems and novels of which we’re so fond
To inventions marvellous, if you forget the
Conflict that makes us sad
Where is beauty without adversity?
Where is advancement without frustration?
Where is love without striving?
Ah, we’d be nothing without it’s
So I pay tribute to
The inquiring mind

Poets & Storytellers United

Pappa Razzi says: Whenever there’s a major storm why does the media still talk of freak weather. It’s normal now. Change your language.

Major de Ranger says: French President Macron warns Big Boris of a battle over trade? Hey, Emmanuel, remember the ‘nation of shopkeepers?’

Philip Osophy says: I’m disgusted by Extinction Rebellion. They’re turning the public against green. Fanatics always end up with the opposite.

Dr Illya Ness says: You need a dictatorship to stop a virus. Oh, but fear of the former led to the latter. Whoops.

Polly Ticks says: So the UK/EU slanging match begins. Great theatricals. In the end Big Boris will (unfortunately) sacrifice fisheries & UK gets a good deal.

Guru Tony says: India’s bird population going down sharply? And the rest. The sad, sad, sorry tale of striving for mass industrialization.


To write is to live
The writer pondered his role
To live is to write

GENERIC: The teacher despaired as the 2 kids fought over 2 identical toy
monkeys. ‘They’re the same,’ she said. ‘Who stole my SUV?’ she said later.

His parched throat stung – pain
The mirage took on new life
Desert in his mind

 Taken from Conspiracy Theory. See Essays page, above
Conspiracies have happened in the past. The Tudors and Stuarts in Britain were plagued by them, and much of the establishment of the UK was the result of them. But does that mean conspiracies still happen today as people think?

Book 27 of 68, Mysteries of the Bible, out 27 March

Heart Beat

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‘There are moments caught between heart-beats.’
When he said those words, I froze. What did he mean? Indeed, who said it?
I looked around me. Everything was hectic, yet there was no sound. And it was all going …
… dark.
Momentarily I realized there was nothing below my feet. Rather, I was floating.
In retrospect, I suppose you could argue I had a out-of-body-experience, but …
It was more than that.
Was it God who spoke those words?
No, I don’t believe that. I decided it my own subconscious.
After all, the paramedic denied it was him. He was too busy.
But it was one hell of a moment.
Nearly five minutes, in fact.

D’verse – Poets Pub

Polly Ticks says: Trumping Daytona? He has the car, the lady and a jumbo … Surely that’s a metaphor.

Pappa Razzi says: I often don’t like the BBC but we need it. Big Boris. Keep your hands off.

Where to go from here?
Stiff at first then spirits greet
Morgue is terminal

MONA: Mona had moaned most of her life yet they thought they’d miss her when she died. Now they knew it was just practice as they booked the exorcism.

Evident conflict
No illusion to this ghost
Tragic how peace dies

 Taken from Bureaucracy. See Essays page, above
I’m disgusted with the ‘efficiency’ of most modern bureaucracies. The more efficient and centralized they are, the more they fail to deliver to the local. Administration should be geared to back up the frontline, not dictate to them.

Book 27 of 68, Mysteries of the Bible, out 27 March

Time Floods Lonely Boris

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The one and only
Fame, Fortune, Followers
The one and lonely


‘Time flies,’ said the skipper as I turned off the hyper drive.
‘You can say that again,’ I said.
‘Time flies,’ repeated the skipper.
Then I got it.
Damned hyper drive, going so fast it messes with …
I swatted them. Those damned time flies.

Poets & Storytellers United

Guru Tony says: The 2nd major storm to hit the UK in a week is unleashing its fury with flood warnings aplenty. Meanwhile, the coastline is eroding as the sea gets hungry. No one dare mention the 2 feared words – water table … rising!

Polly Ticks says: So Boris has made the youngster Rishi Sunak Chancellor of the Exchequer. He doesn’t look like a puppet, but Boris is increasing his power grab. As long as his self-interest agrees with mine, fine. But Big Boris, I’m watching you.

Endurance of old
When different thought led to stake
For the love of God

SUNSET: As the sun goes down the dark veil rises. There will be agony tonight; fear, violence, greed & corruption. And the criminals are even worse.

Such a recipe
Food of all kinds served daily
Best dished up for thought

 Taken from Bermuda Triangle. See Essays page, above
Gas hydrates on the seabed could also play a part, releasing methane in large quantities. Rising to the surface, water would go frothy, buoyancy would fail and a boat would sink. Rising into the air, methane could ignite a plane engine. Wreckage hits the bottom, water disturbance eases and silt covers the evidence.

Book 27 of 68, Mysteries of the Bible, out 27 March