Welcome to my mind. Click my Twitter feed on header for current affairs. This site is a minimalist, easy read. I write on most subjects from POLITICS to the PARANORMAL thru my alter egos. I’m not mad; I’m eclectic.
I’m also a short story writer (only 5′ 4″) with a cold; haiku!


I write fiction in most genres from CRIME to HORROR. But as you’ll see from my ESSAYS & FICTION pages + my BLOG above, I do it different.
You’ll meet my writers from POLLY TICKS TO PHILIP OSOPHY, offering POP LIT (bringing brevity to literature, making it for all) and P-OLOGY – a microcosm of reality; of what is, and things that aren’t but should be – knowledge that speaks rather than baffles.
When my world of Pop Lit & P-ology exists I’ll be happy. Help me make them exist; except my writers – then I’ll be insane. And this website is also about my books – oodles of them.
So don’t forget to visit my BOOKSTORE … and the sister site, KEYUDOS, takes my ideas to another level.

We’ve had PopArt. Time for PopLit. We have the components – haiku, mini poems, microfiction, aphorisms – but not the movement. Let PopLit be the flag.

Join the #PopLitChallenge – bringing literature to social networks.

If you want to find out more about me, visit my SMASHWORDS profile.
Now, descent into my mind. Take my hand and follow. Then give it back.


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