Specialization needs a more holistic
bedfellow – AND humour. We look for patterns
in everything. We do P-ology. We’re the
Patternological Society.

We tell it how it is with our Eye On the World
comments on current affairs.


Polly Ticks I do politics. I’m lazy so need a big alarm clock. I sleep with him nightly. I call him Big Ben.
Guru TonyI do society/spirituality. I keep gathering a group together but they always do mass suicide.
Dr Illya NessI do medical. I know I shouldn’t pass on infections but make me viral!
Major de RangerI do war! I tell it how it is. Some say I blow things up out of all proportion.
Pappa RazziI do media. What? Don’t! … take!! … my!!! … picture!!!!!!!
Prof Isaac GalisteinI do science. I love golf, but my ball always goes off in probabilistic ways.
Philip OsophyI do philosophy. I work things out – not like the idiots, above! They ignore me. I stink, therefore I’m out.

We do poetry & fiction for all the Blogs and
Mini Mag posts – Make it popular
– Call it Pop Lit


Blogger BardI’m the literary muse; Is being real my destiny? I’m so confused; Oh, to be or …
Techie Without A ClueI do techie lit. Don’t know what I’m doing, who I am – just a confused teenager.
Harry FangI do horror. Some say I’m a vampire. Read me or … I byte!!! And don’t say I’m unRead.
Ulrika FeynI do Sci Fi. I’m fey in more ways than one. Now let’s go boldly, and not split infinity.
DI Cass NovaI do crime. From cops to killers to thieves. Now, follow me. Take my hand. Then give it back.
Miss SpellingYou don’t sea me oftin, but I du the editin.

Now, you may have seen Will Dickens, Chas Shakespeare
and Willy Wordy around. They obviously aren’t real!

We’re thirteen. We’ll bewitch you.