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uneXplained to whY

It began in 1947 when newspapers reported a sighting of ‘Flying Saucers’. Except it didn’t. Before that people saw ghost rockets, and before that foo fighters, and before that mysterious air ships, and before that flying sailing ships, going right back to Classical gods flying through the air.
A week after that inaugural sighting, Roswell – home to the only nuclear bomb wing on the planet – ‘experienced’ a saucer crash, complete with little aliens. It set a pattern for repeating saucer retrievals, intermingled with conspiracy theory concerning MJ-12, a secret committee involved in handling the ‘alien’ problem. And soon Area 51 was allegedly back-engineering alien technology for our benefit.


Of course, most UFOs end up as IFOs, or ‘identified’. Everything from cloud formations, to insect swarms, to laser light shows can cause air scares, but about 5% of sightings remain unexplained. Does this mean the phenomenon is real – true visitations from ET? Well, if you see something that doesn’t exist, yet it still has an affect on your mind, don’t your actions give it a level of reality nonetheless?
One form of such partial reality is the poltergeist. To me such events are psychodramas. A family is, for whatever reason, in fear. It breeds and an alternative reality is experienced within the sum total of the minds involved. Now go back to Roswell, its importance regarding its cutting edge, and a media storm of reality changing headlines. A poltergeist breaks out, aping the existent culture. Is there any wonder there was a conspiracy? Government wouldn’t want it be known that a cutting edge unit could go ‘mad’.


Another scenario. A person alone, tired. A blinding light is seen and little creatures appear. Transportation occurs and you find yourself in a fantastic place, prodded and poked, before being returned. Is this the alien abduction, where the person can be impregnated with an alien foetus – a hybrid? No, it’s a Medieval fairy abduction, where often a changeling is involved. Do you see the connection?
Many researchers see the UFO phenomenon in terms of ‘cultural tracking’, where the same phenomenon has always been experienced, but in different cultural clothes. Such ideas suggest that we’re dealing with a form of psycho-sociology rather than alien visitation. Indeed, there are psychological prompters for the alien abduction, be they more mundane.
Many abductions happen to drivers. After the event, they have continued to travel and time has elapsed. Now, have you ever been reading a book when the mind wanders? Afterwards you have to go back to where it began as you’ve continued to mechanically read. Could this be the answer to the time and distance distortion in alien abduction? You have continued to drive as the cultural scenario played out.


Why experience an alien abduction? Why see the UFOs in the sky? We live in material, atheistic times and we’re told spirituality is dying. I disagree. If you follow how the UFO epoch is playing out, it holds within itself the seeds of spirituality and the birth of religion. UFO cults are already well established, and once culture grabs an idea, it tansfers to ready minds as if a virus. Spirituality will out even if involuntary.
This is often seen in the development of a particular UFO case. A researcher will investigate and soon, just like the focus in the poltergeist, he will become the centre of its culture. Could it be that the researcher involuntarily confirms, expands and sensationalizes the incident, giving it a reality of its own? Has he become the flying saucerers apprentice?


As we saw in the beginning, strange events have always occurred, what is seen being dependent on the existent cultural clothes. This includes Medieval witchcraft, werewolves and vampires, the 19th century prevalence of ghosts and Spiritualism, and now the alien and flying saucers. As I see it, we could well be dealing with ‘psychic waves’ forever directing our psychology – quite literally global poltergeist infestations.
There is also an allied possibility to the present infestation. It is now known that electromagnetic pulses can affect brain chemistry, thus causing mystical experiences and hallucinations. We also know that changes in weather patterns cause changes in electromagnetism. Is there, thus, a connection between climate change through global warming and increases in alien activity? After all, many abductees end up spiritual, ecologically minded people. Maybe the planet is now fighting back, changing our psychology through slow Rapture.


I’m attempting a graded theory here, so is there any way we can fit actual alien visitation into the mix? Possibly. In Pt 12 of my Paranormal Series (see UNEXPLAINED inset above) I argue for the existence of a universal consciousness. It can be seen as similar to ecosystems, which can exist from the very small to the very large, all inter-related and having an effect on each other. An element of one can invade another by jumping through a higher system. Applying this to universal consciousness, distant lifeforms become connected to the entire universe, including us, so could information of them infiltrate into our level of consciousness? Of course, it would be affected by our own fantasies, but the theory doesn’t rule out such visitations.
Information does, of course, lie at the root of reality, and the universe seems to work by manipulating this information into the reality we experience. Hence, if this process were to be achieved technologically by an advanced alien species, then ‘real’ visitations could be achieveable. And as information seems to react spontaneously at the information level of the universe, ‘transportation’ from one to the other could also be immediate.
This is, of course, highly speculative, but would such possible aliens be benevolent? I’m of the opinion that an advanced planetary species faces an important test. Once their technology reaches the point of approaching interstellar travel, they also have the technology to destroy themselves. Hence, they face doing so, or becoming benevolent. As such, I think a star travelling species would be benevolent – providing, of course, they class those they meet as sentient. If not, we could be lunch.
By the way, we’re approaching that test ourselves.

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