eShops Fables – The Lover

We were told the house was haunted but how could we resist?
It was so serene – both my wife and I felt it. At least, at first. But as we began to experience the presence more and more, it was inevitable it would come between us.
‘It’s evil,’ my wife would say, but I never believed the accidents were down to the presence. My wife had always been somewhat clumsy.
No, all I could feel in the presence was loneliness, a need to be loved once more …
Did I fall in love with her? Was the sight of her in the long flowing dress merely illusion?
Were those experiences at night true ecstasy, or simply vivid dreams?
Certainly I never noticed that, as the presence became happier, a loneliness began to cling to my wife. Yet I suppose it was inevitable she would take action …
The exorcist was very good. I could almost feel the horrendous shots of pain that began to cripple the presence, and I felt the sadness as she was banished.
Later I rediscovered my love for my wife, and when I bought her that long flowing dress I knew we could be healed.

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