Law is in a mess. It has become too complicated, and a law that is too complicated for people to easily understand is a bad law. This is my attempt to go back to basics and devise a more acceptable law and constitution.


THE STATE is an entity subject to this law and shall own all property except where Contract says otherwise, and consisting of the People, for whom the following bodies exist:

THE LEGISLATURE (where representatives will debate and vote on new laws unhindered by association and elected under one person one vote by the people);

THE EXECUTIVE (which shall be appointed by the legislature to collect a fair tax to administer the State);

THE JUDICIARY (which shall be appointed by the legislature to oversee, advise and pass sentence over offences of Criminal Law and arbitrate over affairs of Civil Law);

and HEAD OF STATE, chosen by the People (UK excepted) and having ceremonial duties alone except the sole power to dismiss the legislature (after a period of two years and call an election) and appointees of judiciary and executive.

THE FAMILY is defined as those of same blood, or those attached by family based contract, or given by the People, and the State shall have no jurisdiction over this entity unless criminal or civil law has been broken.

THE PERSON is a member of the State, born to or fathered by or granted membership by the People, and all persons of the State shall be known as the People and are subject to this law and, if 18 or over, shall pay a fair tax if in employment as decided by the legislature, represent the People when called to decide innocence or guilt in breaches of criminal law, and have a duty to defend the State from foreign aggression.

THE STATE has the following duties to the Person: to provide or sanction education; health and social care (if requested); energy, water, transport and communications infrastructure; police and defence forces; and fair financial assistance in retirement and in case of illness or unemployment.
The State must also guarantee for the Person freedom of movement, association (except in the legislature), speech, religion and sexual choice, and shall have no power over the Person except as detailed in this law, unless the Person is sentenced for offences against Criminal Law or is of unsound mind, or awaiting judgement thereof. A foreign national within the State comes within the Law below.


CRIMINAL – It is an offence against the people to conspire to, or take, damage or coerce property or a human life, or restrict freedom of movement, association, speech, religion or sexual choice of the latter, unless involved in fighting offences above, or except as agreed by contract or of unsound mind.

A CONTRACT is an agreement between two or more people or parties to honour the conditions thereon, provided it is made freely and openly, and in obeyance to criminal law, and cannot be broken other than as stated in the conditions of the contract.

THE PERSON can be deemed injured in law if another person or party has caused negligent damage of property or person, or has said or written untruths about the person, or has broken a contract; and can seek redress before the people.


All legislation following from the above shall be in the same spirit of brevity and simplicity as the above.