We always need rules to guide how our freedom and excellence is expressed. For instance, you have the freedom to excel in, say, football or as a violinist, but it can only be expressed within the confines of a team or orchestra.
What we think of as freedom is actually a balance between freedom and unfreedom. Lose the balance and we have totalitarianism or anarchy, the latter still ending up as licence for the strong to dominate the weak.


Individuality can be counter to freedom. It makes you answer only to the culture to which you belong, which is inevitably guided by the powers-that-be. Important to this process at the moment is the degrading of family. Traditionally, family is the defensive line between the person and the powers, so ‘individuals’ do the job of the powers for them.
Such power in society forms naturally. Indeed, it often feels like a conspiracy is going on. This is not the case – but the powers need such scares so as to make detractors seem crazy.


Of course, you seem to have freedom, but totalitarianism isn’t total. As long as you toe the line of the ideology they leave you alone. Hence you can be anything you want to be as long as you have a mortgage, fat pension plan, love shopping, wear designer clothes, buy a new car every year and holiday often.