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Jack the Ripper

The most famous murder mystery of all began on the night of 30 August 1888 when a policeman found the body of Mary Ann Nichols in Buck’s Row, Whitechapel, in London. She had had her throat cut.
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John George Haigh

Acid Bath Murderer, John George Haigh, brought up by strict Plymouth Brethren parents and told he was the product of evil of the flesh. A work shy conman, he had several spells in prison for petty crime before moving from Yorkshire to London.
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Moll Cutpurse

Mary Frith was dubbed Moll Cutpurse for her expertise as a pickpocket. Many of the facts of her life are hard to pin down, mainly due to a sensationalised biography written shortly after her death.
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Thomas Neill Cream

Victorian England had a fascination with the poisoner. One such was cross-eyed Glaswegian Thomas Neill Cream whose family moved to Canada in the 1850s, where he became a doctor in 1876.
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Serial Killers

In the early 1960s Boston was terrorized by a killer who became known as the Boston Strangler. Killing 13 women, they were left naked, raped and strangled. Eventually, a handyman called Albert Desalvo was convicted for the murders.
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Dick Turpin

‘King of the Road,’ Dick Turpin, was born in the Bell Inn, Hampstead in Essex in 1705. Seen as a romantic figure who once fled from London to York in a night on his horse, Black Bess, the reality was very different, the myth born out of a 19th century novel, ‘Rookwood’ by William Harrison Ainsworth.
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