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TRUE CRIME  features case studies on most areas of crime, my own theories on page below & try my crime fiction.

CONSPIRACY CONTROL – secretive forces out to manipulate and control, but what is the reality behind conspiracy theory?

GREEN SCENE is about the environment – what green issues mean. What’s really behind our eco-vandalism. Green news on Eye On the World.

CULT WATCH – What can cults teach us about normal life? A great deal – just the extreme side of normal social interaction.


I’m the unwanted thoughts, screaming to get out – the ultimate nightmares of that supermonster, PsychoMan.
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On 11 September 2001 Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four domestic American airliners and flew two into the World Trade Centre, one into the Pentagon, and a fourth crashed in Philadelphia, most likely because the passengers had taken action of their own.
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The ultimate conspiracy theory concerns the assassination of President John F Kennedy on 22 November 1963 as his motorcade drove through Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. Amid several shots, the killer bullet penetrated his skull.
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MK Ultra

Conspiriologists blame the strange behaviour of inadequate loners who become assassins on the mind control techniques of the sinister US organisation MK-Ultra.
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Diana, Princess of Wales

If ever there was an iconic death to match that of JFK, it was the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana died, along with boyfriend Dodi Fayed and Ritz security man Henri Paul, when their speeding Mercedez crashed into the Pont de L’Alma tunnel in Paris on 31 August 1997.
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