Wouldn’t it be marvelous if the world sang from a single tune? Actually, no. It would be horrendous. This may be the dream of Globalization, with world peace fuelled by a corporate world of sameness, but it could well hold the seed of our extinction.
Globalization is built upon mono-culture, where everything has to be big, and the same the world over. Global brands reinforce this growing attitude.
But the immediate upshot of this is that localized economies and culture are shattered. This makes Third World countries dependent on Big Biz, and leaves their people without meaning or direction. Is there any wonder so many of these countries are failing?


It gets worse than this. From languages to religions, cars to wheat, a plethora of choice is changing to a few standard models. Wheat shows the problem starkly. With an infinite variety, infection cannot wipe out the lot. Have a few standard models and the infection becomes greater, threatening the very existence of wheat. This same process works throughout Globalization.
Trading by large countries has always caused problems for weaker ones under their influence. This has invariably led to small, localized wars, which, whilst horrendous, are manageable in global terms. Increase the influence and we get a bloc mentality and face global stand-offs such as the Cold War, or irritate peoples to the point that it fuels global terrorism.
The infection spreads far and wide – and the dangers multiply accordingly. The reality is we have failed to learn from nature and evolution, which survives through absolute diversity. That which can be done is, and everything thrives, with problems isolated.


Globalisation and the idea of unity through trade is anti-evolutionary. True unity can only come through following the principles of nature and seeking balance through diversity – by finding meaning in our localized way, yet understanding our common humanity.
I’m a Yorkshireman and proud of it. Yet I’m also happy to be British, and understand I’m also part of the global family called humanity. My difference enriches the world more than a global McCulture could ever do.