WESTERN POLITICS is in a mess; society is falling apart. Our economy no longer works for the people, but for the system. When a system comes above the individual, freedom is diluted. This mini-site is about Independent Politics, a new way; and applying Rational Holism to other socio-political issues. See Eye On the World for current affairs posts, and World History Flash for how we got here. Also try sister mini-site, Fireside Philosophy.



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Essay: Economics

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Thinkers’ Corner features theoretical essays on everything from politics to the paranormal, science to religion, crime to love, offering a different way of thinking best described as Rational Holism.

Economic Systems

I’ve got a problem with all economic systems we have tried. They are all ‘system’ centred – in other words, based on ideology and not people. Hence, something that should serve us well never does.

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