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TRUE CRIME  features case studies on most areas of crime, my own theories on page below & try my crime fiction.

CONSPIRACY CONTROL – secretive forces out to manipulate and control, but what is the reality behind conspiracy theory?

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CULT WATCH – What can cults teach us about normal life? A great deal – just the extreme side of normal social interaction.


I’m the unwanted thoughts, screaming to get out – the ultimate nightmares of that supermonster, PsychoMan.
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Cora Pearl

Cora Pearl scandalised 19th century society. This red-headed Englishwoman was born Eliza Crouch in 1835. Educated in a convent school, when she left she wanted to be an actress.
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The template for the sex scandal is undoubtedly the notorious Italian, Giacomo Casanova. Indeed, his name, Casanova, has become synonymous with amorous adventure.
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Lord Byron

One scandalous literary man was George Gordon, Lord Byron, born in 1788. With a deformed right foot, his mother was a Scottish heiress and his father a notorious rake and gambler.
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In 1972 burglars were caught on camera in the Watergate complex in Washington. Two of them worked for the CIA and FBI, and two reporters from the Washington Post traced payments to them from the Republican Party.
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Horatio Bottomley

The modern template for the scandalous MP was Horatio Bottomley. Born in London’s East End in 1860, Bottomley became a rich playboy with a string of mistresses after setting up companies and selling them at inflated prices to other companies he had set up.
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