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TRUE CRIME  features case studies on most areas of crime, my own theories on page below & try my crime fiction.

CONSPIRACY CONTROL – secretive forces out to manipulate and control, but what is the reality behind conspiracy theory?

GREEN SCENE is about the environment – what green issues mean. What’s really behind our eco-vandalism. Green news on Eye On the World.

CULT WATCH – What can cults teach us about normal life? A great deal – just the extreme side of normal social interaction.


I’m the unwanted thoughts, screaming to get out – the ultimate nightmares of that supermonster, PsychoMan.
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Green Revolution

A lot of people have heard of the Green Revolution, but few know what it is. Even when a person does know of it, it is unlikely they know the implications of the subject. Here, in the raw, are the facts, and the implications.
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The planet is facing a massive reduction in animal species. Almost daily, some species becomes extinct. Some of our most beautiful animals are in danger of extinction. We occasionally raise a campaign or two to try to ease the problem, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much good.
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Most people think of pollution in terms of the smog of the 19th century, or low-lying ozone from car exhausts, leaving a summer haze over cities. Alternatively, they are aware of the rise of asthma, possibly due to pollution. But the problem is much worse.
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Sustainable Development

Sustainability, or sustainable development, is the environmentalist’s call to industry. At present, industry looks to the environment and takes what it wants in order to make a profit. It has no real regard for what it is taking, or the effect on the planet.
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Bio-diversity is a term to explain the huge variations in nature. It is a simple fact that neither evolution nor nature could thrive if all options were not explored. Life on Earth is the result of a mixture of all possibilities.
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We are aware that we should be Green – that we are polluting the environment and heating up the world – but many people have little understanding of ecology and the science behind many green issues.
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Global Warming

Global warming is said to be caused by the accumulation of carbon dioxide and other chemicals in the atmosphere, allowing sunlight through, but impeding heat getting out, thus causing the planet to warm up. This is why it is known as the Greenhouse Effect.
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