From Conspiracy of Icons

Conspiracy of Icons

Chapter One

On the morning of 18 June 1982 the body of Roberto Calvi, president of the Italian Banco Ambrosiano, was found, hanged under Blackfriar’s Bridge in London. A convicted embezzler whose actions had led to the collapse of the bank, he was known as ‘God’s Banker’, with the Vatican Bank its main shareholder. Many theorists claim the bank was used for laundering Mafia drugs money. Did Calvi commit suicide? Initially, this seemed to be the case. But two inquests and an inquiry suggested murder.
Conspiracy theorists are convinced Calvi was murdered. For the whole thing was just one episode of the infamous masonic P2, a secret society within the Italian establishment set up at the end of World War Two to combat the rise of communism. After the war, it was said to have been given a helping hand by the CIA. Hence, with an organisation that placed, in the same pot, the CIA, the Vatican, Mafia, Italian politics and the secret of Freemasonry, the whole thing just had to be one big conspiracy.
Whether it was or not is a different matter. But to conspiracy theorists, who cares? Conspiracies simply must exist in everything, giving the more ‘sane’ of us the impression that they are simply mad. But maybe this is a gross error – for could it be that, in understanding the nature of conspiracy theory, we could gain a real insight into normal human behaviour?

Calvi’s was not the only suspicious death that gives conspiracy theorists a buzz. On 21 February 1965, Malcolm X was shot by three assassins at a ballroom in New York. Born Malcolm Little in 1925, his Baptist minister father was killed by racists when he was six. Wanting to be a lawyer, when he was told he had no chance because of his colour, Malcolm changed his name to Malcolm X and joined the Nation of Islam.
Not radical enough for him, he eventually set up the Organisation of Afro-American Unity. Malcolm X was being TOO radical, so a conspiracy definitely happened to silence him. But who were the conspirators? The US government or the Nation of Islam?
You can play the conspiracy game with anything. Theorists had a hay-day following the suicide of British weapons expert, Dr David Kelly, who took pills and slashed a wrist after walking away from his home. He had been named as a whistleblower over Weapons of Mass Destruction following the Iraq War in 2003. The two searchers who found him said there was a lot of blood on his arm but hardly any on the ground, as if he had been moved. Neither did they mention seeing a blooded knife or pill bottle, which were both there thirty minutes later when police arrived.
Searchers claimed Dr Kelly was propped against a tree, but police testified he was on his back. Similarly, who were the three ‘detectives’ seen by the searchers, who were never seen again? The bottle of painkillers at the scene contained just one of 30 tablets, but less than one was found in Dr Kelly’s body. And why did dental records disappear from his Dentist’s surgery, only to mysteriously reappear two days later? But perhaps most important, are the above inconsistencies true, or are we just dealing with rumour and innuendo?

Female aviator Amelia Earhart centred upon popular conspiracy theory after her disappearance in July 1937, along with her navigator, Fred Noonan. Born in 1897 to a wealthy Kansas family, she became known as ‘Lady Lindy’, named after Charles Lindbergh for her flying feats, achieving the women’s altitude record and flying solo, first, across America, and then across the Atlantic. On 1 June 1937 she set off from Miami to circumnavigate the globe. But she was never seen again after taking off, later on 2 July, from New Guinea. Sensibly, it was a simple accident, but to conspiracy theorists Amelia was a US spy shot down by the Japanese. Or maybe a Bermuda Triangle-type phenomenon got her. Or maybe she’d seen some US secret and they shot her down?
One of the strangest ‘death’ conspiracies is that of famed ex-Beatle Paul McCartney – if conspiracy theorists are correct, Paul actually died in a traffic accident in 1967, the death being covered up with an impostor taking his place. An idea popularised by Detroit DJ Russ Gibb, clue-hunters used to scour The Beatles’ songs for clues. For instance, the Abbey Road album cover features a funeral procession with John in white as if an angel, Ringo in black as the undertaker, George in denims playing the gravedigger and Paul barefoot and out of step, as if a corpse.
Is there any credence to the conspiracy? Several researchers are satisfied the rumour was actually begun by The Beatles themselves, but the intention was to have Paul’s death as symbolic of a spiritual rebirth with the Maharishi.

Some victims of conspiracy can seem crazier than the conspiracies themselves. For instance, many conspiracies surrounded the life of Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Born in 1897, he became a student of Sigmund Freud, but became increasingly neurotic and paranoid. Descending into pseudoscience, he theorised on the existence of ‘orgone’, a primordial cosmic energy that permeated all things. The cause of sexual and psychosomatic neuroses, he believed that orgasms were vital for our mental health, becoming a posthumous guru during the 60s free love period. Going on to practice in the United States, he developed his ‘orgone accumulator’, a box that a subject sat in and which gave therapeutic benefits. He was said to even use the box in cancer treatment.
However, he was becoming increasingly paranoid, being convinced he was waging a war with a deadly form of orgone energy. This energy was being aimed at us from space, and UFOs were its agent. He was soon predicting the destruction of the globe. Eventually, Reich came into conflict with the Food and Drug Administration over his box. Deeming it worthless, he was eventually imprisoned when he refused to withdraw his claims. Dying in prison in 1957, conspiriologists are convinced his death occurred after he was given a strange pill.
An equally strange character of conspiriology was Philip K Dick, one of America’s greatest SF writers, his stories turned into films such as Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall. Often writing about the unreality of the world, things started going strange for him following a burglary in 1971, when his files were stolen. Working in the anti-war movement, he was convinced forces were out to get him. In 1974 he underwent an experience where he was taken over by a transcendentally rational mind that could speak many languages and had a memory going back millennia.
Most people thought he had become totally paranoid and insane, but the ‘intelligence’ convinced him he had been suffering amnesia and he was only now awake. He went on to speak of VALIS, a Vast Active Living Intelligence System, left here by Sirians from Sirius to aid evolution. This was required because Earth had become a prison-planet occupied by evil forces that manifested in reality first as the Roman Empire, and was with us still as the USA and USSR, working together to lock us in an unreality. In effect, the last 2000 years of history have been a dream to hide the existence of the good Messianic Age we should really be living.

Chapter Two – SPACED OUT

We are now well into the weird and wonderful world of conspiracy theory. Such conspiracies can be found anywhere, fuelled by the often paranoid minds of the likes of Philip K Dick. And NASA has been the centre of quite a few. For instance, they made a big mistake when officials jokingly spoke about the ‘Great Galactic Ghoul’ to explain the myriad of accidents astronauts have had. Conspiriologists answered with an alien power at work, guaranteeing we never leave the Solar system. Or maybe the US government is sabotaging space exploration themselves? But then again, to some conspiracy theorists we never did go into space.
Take the fake Moon landing pictures taken in a huge hangar, and a great big con. After all, how can a flag blow in the wind when there’s no atmosphere on the moon? The easy answer is that, with no atmosphere, there’s no friction, so knocking the flag would keep it swaying for hours. But this is no good for conspiracy theorists. And when placed alongside such picture evidence as footprints where the astronauts haven’t walked yet, and strange shadows suggesting huge lights nearby, the Moon landings simply could not have happened.

Why the big lie? In the summer of 1947, US flyer Kenneth Arnold saw a number of strange objects flying in formation over the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. On landing, he described them flying like you’d take a saucer and skim it across the water. Welcome, good reader, to the world of the UFO, the term Flying Saucer filling the media from that moment on.
Just over a week after Arnold’s seminal sighting of a UFO, and amid the world’s press hysteria concerning flying saucers, an alien craft was said to have crashed close to America’s most Top Secret air base near Roswell, New Mexico. Initially informing the public of the recovery of this alien craft, the military U-turned three days later and claimed it was simply a crashed weather balloon.
Since that time, the grandest of all conspiracy theories has arisen, claiming that the US military DID recover a spacecraft, complete with pilots, and signed a treaty with the aliens – now known as Greys – in which the US government conspires to allow the aliens to carry out experiments on animals and abduct humans for genetic experimentation in return for technology that is reverse-engineered into US weapons at the famed Area 51.
According to the theory, President Truman himself negotiated the treaty and set up a Top Secret committee of military and scientific advisors known as Majestic 12, or MJ-12, to oversee the treaty and keep knowledge of it away from the public, and show that US technology is advancing at a pace to be expected without ET’s help; hence the fake landings.

Thus we have a compact and appealing theory encompassing the central fears of conspiracy and explaining US technological advances, aerial phenomena, cattle mutilation and alien abduction. But how well does the theory stand up? Eventually a document was found supposedly signed by President Truman, forming MJ-12. The signature appears genuine, in that it is exactly the same as a known signature of the President. However, this in itself suggests the document to be a fake; no two signatures can ever be the same – there are always slight irregularities. Seeing that these two signatures share no irregularities whatsoever, the only logical answer is that the MJ-12 signature is a copy. However, does this mean there is NO cover-up concerning Roswell and later events?
It is almost certain that a cover-up does exist. Similarly, it is clear that aerial phenomena do occur and alien abductions ARE experienced by thousands of otherwise sane individuals. But the question is are such incidents the results of real aliens, or is some psychological or sociological phenomenon at work?
If we opt for the latter, researchers are now showing that hysteria and hallucination is quite easy to induce, both personally and collectively, in men and women. From electro-magnetic anomaly to sensory deprivation, from sound wave variations to mild trance induced by simple tiredness, phenomena concerning hysteria and hallucination have been recorded during experimentation. Add this to the fact that throughout history other-worldly forces have been said to have had existence, and we perhaps have an answer to the bulk of the UFO phenomenon.
Whenever other-worldly forces have been witnessed, they have always echoed mythologies existent at the time. Known as ‘cultural tracking’, this same phenomenon can be seen with present-day aliens, who have changed over the years to echo the science fiction enculturation of aliens at the time. Further, the type of phenomena experienced over the centuries has remained similar.
As a case in point, an alien abduction today involves being visited by strange little creatures, transported to a surreal location (seen as inside a spacecraft), impregnated after a medical examination, and later having the foetus taken away by the aliens. Now compare this experience to the centuries old tale of being visited by fairies, kidnapped and taken to a strange fairy kingdom, and having your child either abducted or substituted with a changeling.
Such hallucinatory phenomena have always occurred, whether appreciated as ancient gods, fairies, demons, vampires, ghosts, or, today, aliens. And in every case, the phenomena contain identical mechanisms, changed only by cultural interpretation of the mythology of the time. For instance, today an alien can have sex with you. In centuries past it was the incubus or succubus. The hallucination – most likely stemming from repressed sexual frustration – is identical throughout known history.

Is this the true reality of the UFO and ET phenomenon? If so, then we can speculate that, amid the media hysteria of flying saucery, some form of cultural hallucination could have occurred at Roswell, echoing the hysteria within America. But if this is feasible, what would the US military hierarchy think about its supposedly elite military personnel recounting strange tales born from a hallucination? The base involved housed the only atomic bomb group in the world. Can these men go around with such wild stories? Even worse, could they let the public know?
Not on your life. So they covered it up, and have arguably been covering up similar experiences from that day to this. Hence, if there is a cover-up concerning alien activity in America and other countries, it could be that it has nothing to do with alien treaties, but more to do with the embarrassment of admitting that occasionally our military can appear to go mad.


Conspiracy theories come in all shapes and sizes. The fertilizer-based truck bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City on 19 April 1995 brought conspiriologists out of the closet. Killing well over a hundred people, Timothy McVeigh was executed for the atrocity in 2001.
In letters to his sister the Gulf War veteran spoke of the US government as that of the ‘Evil King’. But could it be that he worked for one of the evil militias determined to bring down the government? Or alternatively, was he just a patsy, the bombing done by US right wingers, determined to give the liberal Clinton a message to get harder? Maybe the idea that McVeigh was just a sad, disaffected American was just too boring.
Alternatively, one disturbing conspiracy theory argues that the Soviet Union spearheaded research into microwave mind control, taken up by the CIA in the 1950s with Project Pandora. By 1973 they are thought to have made a breakthrough, using pulsed microwave signals to stimulate and vibrate the inner ear, sending audio signals that ape speech.
In this way, people can be controlled, given subliminal instructions, or sent mad. The system is believed to be in use to control assassins and attack dissidents in the west, making them rant about their grievances to such an extent they seem quite mad and are ignored, allowing governments to continue their secret ways. And boy, those ways are very secret and very big!

Conspiracies are often associated with the politics of the time. When George Bush Snr spoke of his ‘New World Order’ in the 1990s, conspiriologists clapped their hands in glee. To them this confirmed the existence of a secret organisation behind history, manipulating events such as the World Wars to create a single global system.
Made up of world and religious leaders of all persuasions, international bankers and occult adepts, we are being manipulated to the point where national boundaries and cultures disappear, religions are abolished, a single language and set of laws prevail, and we have a Paradise on Earth governed by these sinister backroom boys.
This exposes the beauty of a conspiracy theory. Events seem to give the idea a touch of truth. For instance, the world wars led to the ‘bloc’ mentality, with national barriers eroded. Multi-nationals now break down those barriers further, taking away a government’s ability to run their economy. Political Correctness attacks culture, gender, et al. And with the Internet, an international language and intellect is evolving.
It all seems so simple – we really are being manipulated! But just how closely?

When the Institute for Law and Social Research sold a new computer program to the US Justice Dept they expected to make a small fortune. A system devised for spying on people, the institute was nonetheless shocked to receive nothing.
Several court cases later, their claim for damages was finally thrown out by the federal court in 1994. Journalist Danny Casolaro was intrigued by the case, and during his investigations he claimed to discover numerous mysterious deaths.
He himself died in mysterious circumstances. But not before he had created the metaphor of ‘the Octopus’, a network of local conspiracies and groups that work together whenever they have a common aim.
Since the devising of the term, conspiriologists can play happily at conspiracy theory, many having found mutual protection schemes involving everyone from Mafia to senior politicians, all working to protect each other.
As for whether such a loose organisation could exist, I would be surprised if it didn’t. Mafia runs on the Partito, where politicians are put in place by Mafia to protect them from above. In a weaker form, it naturally existed in Britain, where it was known as the ‘old school tie’. Alternatively, there is an even simpler answer. When a political or economic ‘system’ arises, you can guarantee that the powerful leaders that arise will think the same, otherwise they wouldn’t make it to the top. And people who think the same act the same, thus giving the impression of conspiracy, where in reality they are just following normal human nature.
Hence, we again find a watered-down reality behind the conspiracy theory. Yet this air of credibility allows the conspiriologist to go haywire, inventing such forces as the New World Order. But maybe it isn’t the New World Order we should worry about.

The European Union is the problem. Their Commission and Courts are wiping out self-determination, leading to the final expression of Hitler’s dream – a Fourth Reich. As I write, secret Nazis are plotting. After all, even as World War Two got underway, Nazis such as Goebbels, Goering and Funk spoke of the ‘Europe of Regions’, a single economic power. Or maybe the powers behind this Euro-conspiracy are the descendants of Christ?
This is a good one. In 800AD the Carolingian Frank king, Charlemagne, created the Holy Roman Empire, guaranteeing the ascendancy of Roman Catholicism in Europe, after usurping the Merovingian dynasty in France. The Merovingians are thought to be behind legends of the Holy Grail, which really means the Blood of Christ. This is so because they were his descendants.
Christ, having survived the Cross, had a family with Mary Magdalene and moved to the Riviera. As Catholicism is based on the Resurrection, knowledge of Christ’s survival had to be stamped out. But enter the secretive Priory of Sion, an organisation operating to reinstate the Merovingian line throughout Europe, and the real power behind the EU.

Such political conspiracies are confirmed by people such as ex-footballer, sports presenter and Green guru, David Icke. To him, democracy is a con, with leaders nevertheless ‘placed’.
Since the times of Sumer and Babylon a secret ‘Brotherhood’ has ruled the world. Evidence comes from the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, secret Jewish plans for gaining world power and usurping Gentile morality, family and government through a Jewish run financial system.
The documents are, of course, fakes, produced in Russia about 1903 to further fuel anti-Semitism. Revitalising such rubbish about sinister Jewish Cabals is just as heinous today …

Conspiracy of Icons

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