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Polly Ticks says: Brexit Day on Friday. What will change? Our purpose. It will be down to us from now on – all of us. And British history shows time & again that, when we need to, we thrive. Hugh Grant and co, please note.

Pappa Razzi says: Thoughts on The Trial of Christine Keeler: Loved it! Apart from the MeToo insinuation. She was sexually active from a young age & already working the clubs when she met Ward. They used each other. Her problem was a simple one – she was a couple of years ahead of the times, perfectly highlighted in the last scene.

To believe, not good
To reason is best way – I …
Truly believe that
PRAISE: It was hard for him to imagine
a man greater than the one to his front.
Good looking, successful, modest.
Smiling, he turned from the mirror.

Answer in heaven
For all his bad deeds? Cop out!
He’s going to hell