What is Sci Fi really about?
13. It has a degree of snobbery, especially in the UK. REAL Sci Fi buffs call it SF. Got that?!! SF. So, 12 more things about Sci Fi …

12. Sci Fi writers can be total crackpots and get away with it. My favourite, Philip K Dick, was a prime example. Totally paranoid.

11. It’s my weakest area of writing, so I devour it a lot. A kind of learning curve – not sure whether it’s working, though.

10. Sci Fi writers can become visionaries of science without actually doing much. Think Azimov and his Three Laws of Robotics.

9. Sci Fi is a catch all genre. You can write romance, adventure, horror, crime, satire – you name it, as long as it’s got a bit of ‘science’ in it.

8. It is the new home of prophecy. You know, the guys who used to be seen as crackpots, but now, with a touch of science, are seen as visionaries.

7. Sci fi films become cheaper. This is because CGI replaces actors as the central pulling power. In this, Sci Fi bad, bad, bad.

6. Space Opera is popular. This is often based on myth and stereotype. That’s why it’s so good. Think Matrix and dream as cycberspace – Hero as Christ.

5. Star Wars actually had advice from mythologist Joseph Campbell. Myths are ancient, you see, and we all have fragments within our mind. Hence the word, the image, bypasses the conscious and tickles the unconscious.

4. Star Trek: TNG did the stereotype thing to perfection. Think the bridge, and compare to bridge of a pirate ship. Then Picard, the bald headed skipper. To his left the Spanish looking lady; to his right, the dashing hero. Above, the monstrous pirate, Worf.

3. Oh, and don’t forget Pinocchio. Sorry, I mean Data.

2. Often, Sci Fi becomes so good and popular that we don’t think of it as Sci Fi at all. The best examples are Frankenstein and 1984.

1. Now you know all about Sci Fi, get reading. As the man said: Engage.


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