If I did, of course. I guess that’s up to you to decide, dear reader.
Where did it all begin? Well, as a kid I was good at English Literature. I don’t know why – maybe it was just natural.

Maybe that’s how it has to be with a writer. But after school, life took over and it never entered my head for … years.
Not until I was 27, infact. In that fateful year I came down with chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS. Suddenly my fast lifestyle turned upside down and I was left with a very different life. But a life has to be filled.
The first glimmer of my new life came when it was clear no one had the faintest idea why I was ill. I didn’t like mysteries just standing there, waiting for attention, so I began to research the subject.
I never found an answer, but I found out an important fact – which was ‘facts’ rarely exist. Indeed, not only this, but most experts hadn’t a clue what they were talking about.
This arrogant, egoistic conclusion led to me having a thirst for knowledge – basically, I wanted to know everything, and see just how bad our state of supposed knowledge is. And well, once you realize a thing like that, writing is the obvious way of getting your thoughts out.
That was the first clue to how I became a writer …
… if, of course, I did …
But it suddenly dawned on me that I’d done quite a lot in my life, and there were great experiences to fall back on, for the good or bad. And in realizing I could analyse my life, I also realized that, perhaps, I could analyse others.
And in such a way I became an observer. Infact, it was just too easy, ‘cos half the time I wasn’t capable of actually experiencing life to the full, anyway.
And observe, I did. Everything. And then I learnt to turn it around in my head, and I ended up producing, not just essays, but stories …
So that’s how I became a writer.
If, of course, I did.

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