In the 1970s a new Grail chapter was opened by the publication of Grail mysteries concerning the events in Rennes le Chateau in the late 19th century. A local priest is said to have uncovered a treasure or secret knowledge, and from this point on he was immensely rich.

Many think he came across a secret concerning Christ’s survival of the Cross and marriage to Mary Magdalene, through whom he had children. A mythology has grown, recently capitalized upon by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, that a child of Christ formed the Merovingian Dynasty of French kings, eventually usurped by the Carolingians. One Carolingian was Charlemange, who formed the Holy Roman Empire.
Based on Catholicism, the central tenet of faith is that Christ died, and was Resurrected in Heaven for us. If this is untrue and he survived the Cross, then Christianity is a lie. Hence, this knowledge was buried, kept alive only by the mysterious Priory of Sion, who guard the secret, waiting for the time when it can used again in a reborn true Christianity.

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