Acid Bath Murderer, John George Haigh, brought up by strict Plymouth Brethren parents and told he was the product of evil of the flesh. A work shy conman, he had several spells in prison for petty crime before moving from Yorkshire to London.

Thought to have killed nine people for profit, the first was William McSwann and his parents, selling off their properties.
In 1948 he killed Dr Archie Henderson and his wife, again for their property, and the following year elderly rich woman Mrs Olive Durand-Deacon, who lived in the same hotel as Haigh. Following up her disappearance, police found dissolved body parts in a vat of acid in Haigh’s workshop. He had tried to commit the perfect murders, but chemistry failed him. Pleading insanity by claiming to be a vampire, he was hanged in August 1949.

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