Teach is believed to have been born Edward Drummond in 1680 Bristol, England, but this cannot be known for sure – though most people know his later nickname. He became infamous as the pirate, Blackbeard.

A privateer against the Spanish during the War of the Spanish Succession, he went on to join several pirate ships before taking his own ship, calling it Queen Anne’s Revenge, to terrorise the Caribbean. Blockading Charleston in South Carolina, he ransomed its inhabitants.
By 1718, Teach wanted to retire, but the governor of Virginia put a price on his head. In November that year he was engaged by a Royal Navy ship and Blackbeard was killed. As for the man himself, although he looked fearsome, he tended to skipper through consent and is thought not have killed anyone he captured.
The mystery of Blackbeard’s buried treasure is thought to find its roots in a conversation Teach had the night before his final battle, where he advised that only he and the Devil knew where it was, and it will go to the one who lasts longest. As with most ‘buried treasures’, it is most likely a total myth.

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