A blogger bard 40 sec story

It’s like this. The monkeys didn’t realize just what they were doing when they moved out of their natural area. They should have realized when they found the giant footprints, but no, they were curious.

Eventually the man appeared, towering above them – and a giant hand swept down and took up the female.
They gave chase, and when they caught up, there was a mammoth battle, and eventually, through guile, they brought him down.
Tying him up, they dragged him back to show the rest what they had found. But the man was not to be subdued for long.
He broke free.
Another mammoth struggle followed and the man was eventually driven up a tree. Hurling stones at him, he finally fell to his death …
The writer finished the synopsis and looked up to the movie producer.
The orang utan shook his head. Said:
‘No, it’s just too silly.’

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