A blogger bard 40 sec story

He finally stood in the chamber.
It has been a long but rewarding quest. The journey had taken him round the world, and along the way he’d cracked many codes; dug many a site. And as an archaeologist he had been in his element.

In many ways he was never truly convinced he would find it. But now here he stood in the ancient cavern, the Holy Grail in his hand.
He smiled – at its simplicity, but also its beauty. And, of course, it’s mystique.
Questions had been asked for centuries. Did it exist? If so, what WAS the secret?
Would it prove to be the famed chalice of the Last Supper, or were the conspiracy theorists right that it signified the blood of Christ?
Well, in a way they had both been right. And now he scraped out the dried blood of the spear wound. And the geneticists were ready for the Second Coming.

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