A harry fang 40 sec story

It seemed as if he had been traveling an eternity, everywhere he had been a kind of spectral blur as memories flashed before him.
‘Is there anybody there?’ said the Traveller, knocking on the moonlit door.

He waited, and eventually he heard the thud of heavy steps approaching from within. Slowly the door creaked open and a pained, harrowing face appeared.
The man was stooped and the haunted look extended to the interior of the house – an ancient house that must have witnessed so much as the centuries had rolled by.
The man offered the traveler a drink, and noticing the obvious fear on his face, said:
‘Don’t worry, it isn’t haunted.’
The Traveller felt at home here. His eyes became translucent and a knocking seemed to envelop the whole house.
‘It is now,’ he said.

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