A harry fang 40 sec story

The nature spirit was acting destructively.
There was no beating about the bush – he literally beat it to pulp.

Well, people had ignored him too long and he was attention seeking – overflowing with a vengeful personality. Indeed, they couldn’t even get his name right.
Over the eons they had referred to him as a god, a demon, a fairy, a vampire, a werewolf, ghost, discarnate entity and now they’d even given him bug eyes and called him an alien!
Such temerity!!
And he was not having it!!!
It was as if HE didn’t know who he was any more. And are they afraid of him nowadays?
But as he continued beating the bush, swirling around the air, deforesting the forests and generally having a climactic time, he knew they’d soon need him once more.
THEN he’d teach them for ignoring his ways.

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