A harry fang 40 sec story

It was a long trip and by the time it got dark I was already tired of driving.
As the hitchhiker appeared in the lights I decided to pick him up – maybe conversation would keep me awake. But there was none – he just sat in the passenger seat, staring ahead.

After a while, I dropped him off, and the tiredness intensified.
Still, soon another hitchhiker came along and I picked him up. It wasn’t until he got in that I realized it was the same guy. How he’d got ahead of me I don’t know. Maybe he’d got a lift in a sports job.
After a while, I dropped him off.
The tiredness was getting really bad by now, so when I saw him again ahead of me, I was compelled to pick him up once more – the mystery itself was stimulating, in a way.
Well, he drained me completely that third time of feeding. And as I lay here in the road, the vampire driving off, I guess I’m going to die.

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