The planet is facing a massive reduction in animal species. Almost daily, some species becomes extinct. Some of our most beautiful animals are in danger of extinction. We occasionally raise a campaign or two to try to ease the problem, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much good.

Of course, many people are doing marvelous work on site, with a passion to save endangered animals. The general public occasionally sees them in action in a documentary or two, feel for the animals, but then carry on as if it is nothing to do with them.
The problem is, the two things are directly related. The everyday action of the general public is the direct cause of species becoming extinct. And perhaps this is the central message that needs to be highlighted. You see, putting ‘cuddly’ animals on screen for the general public to go ‘ahh’ is simply not enough.
In some areas, such documentaries seem to work. For instance, fur is hardly used in the west nowadays. Yet whenever such campaigns are highlighted, I find it sad that the main repercussion is the destruction of an ages old community that existed on hunting, and usually maintaining, these animal stocks.
The central cause of endangered species is rarely covered. This cause begins in the Green Revolution, and the west’s insistence on Third World countries changing to industrial farming in order to furnish the west with green products.
The obvious outcome of this is demographic change, with populations having to move away from subsistence farming to embryo industry, and the populating of areas where man never used to go.
These areas are the natural home of most of the endangered species on the planet. By either directly inhabiting an animal’s area, or placing urbanization on its direct migratory route, we are adversely affecting their ability to survive, never mind thrive.
This is the message that should come at the top of the campaign’s agenda. Put simply, every time you go to a shop, you are directly affecting the demographic change of the Third World, and that change is causing the mass extinction of the animal world.

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