In 1977 a single mother and her four children were haunted in their Enfield home by an entity that could throw furniture and levitate some of the children. Many researchers consider it one of the best documented cases of a poltergeist on record.

Other famous cases include the Black Monk that caused a host of paranormality in the Pritchard household from Pontefract, and the Bell Witch that attacked Tennessee farmer John Bell and his daughter in 1817. The Rosenheim poltergeist played havoc with the machinery in a lawyer’s office in 1967. At one point it repeatedly rang the speaking clock. There were some forty witnesses to the events.
A poltergeist is said to be a destructive spirit that manifests phenomena, from throwing objects to speaking. An infestation is one of the most frightening areas of the paranormal, lasting from a few weeks to as long as six months.
Occasionally an actual spirit is seen, whilst in other cases, it is said to levitate people and even possess someone. Usually occurring in the family home, the possession can include Stigmata-like phenomena and speaking in strange voices.
Traditionally, the poltergeist is not, infact, always malevolent. Folklore speaks of fairies coming into people’s houses and even tidying up for them. This is classic poltergeist phenomena, so if you have difficulty finding things … who knows.
In most cases the malevolent poltergeist infests the home of a family undergoing some form of trauma. This suggests the trauma may be part of the process, the poltergeist a manifestation of troubled energies in the house.
Alternatively, the poltergeist has been put down to naughty children, banging things and creating an atmosphere of apprehension. Once such a feeling is in place, some researchers are sure any phenomena are caused by hallucination and hysteria.
The identification of children plays a big part in the phenomenon, with many researchers believing the poltergeist is a manifestation of pubescent energy within a household. Certainly, as in the above cases the focus is quite often a young teenage girl.

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