A lot of people have heard of the Green Revolution, but few know what it is. Even when a person does know of it, it is unlikely they know the implications of the subject. Here, in the raw, are the facts, and the implications.

The Green Revolution is a global system of change imposed by the western world. With no doubt genuine concerns behind its conception, the idea was to free the Third World from poverty by revolutionizing its agricultural base.
Inspired by monoculture, westerners looked at the diverse subsistence farming methods of poor countries and realized they couldn’t produce surplus in order to kick-start a true economy. Hence, they introduced single-crop farming to provide a surplus.
The result was that farms got bigger, making small farmers poor, and peoples were displaced to allow irrigation for the growing industrial farming methods. The need for machinery and chemicals led to increasing debt to pay for it.
In no time at all, the Third World was producing mainly for western markets at low prices, and failing to provide for their own population. This increased hunger and debt to the point that the west takes out substantially more than they give back.

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