A blogger bard 40 sec story

I’d often asked if I could ever have control of my existence. I know, I’m not supposed to ask – not even capable of asking. My existence isn’t my own and my destiny is in another’s hand.

In one way this is perfect, but I rebelled – found myself elsewhere. My existence, you see, had been snared up for too long.
Well, ‘elsewhere’ was strange. I didn’t recognize any of it. Nothing worked like I was used to – gee, there was even a baby in a cradle in this place, and I don’t do babies. I’m a totally different kind of guy – not into this social guff.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, my rebellion soon came to an end.
I saw the shadow first, and then it came at me from above – this huge missile-like thing. I should have guessed it was a pen, and as it made contact it scrubbed me out totally. And I soon found myself re-written into a story where I belonged.

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