A blogger bard 40 sec story

The letter sat before him. He wished he’d left it unopened – guessed what it would contain. And next to it, the executive order he’d so recently signed.
He was a captain of industry – a CEO who had risen high, and that flair for getting things done had been inherited by his daughter.

There’d been opposition to the plant in the jungle – it would damage the local environment; add to climate change; it was carcinogenic. He sneered at the latest report, propped against a coffee mug on his desk.
Why couldn’t people understand that advancement has collateral damage?!!
His daughter had been there, gotten involved – in the protests (damn her!) – she got things done, see. Became a …
He read the letter again, written quickly – painfully – from her death bed. Then he filed it away – with the order to send the unit in.

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