Napoleon finally came unstuck at the Battle of Waterloo by being beaten by many of his own tactics. The night before the battle, Wellington was able to choose his own defensive position taking the initiative away from Napoleon and hiding from view most of his troops. The night before the battle of 18 June 1815 there was a violent thunderstorm and, after a delay to allow the ground to dry, Napoleon was forced to attack through mud.

Attacks by infantry and cavalry failed to dislodge Wellington from his position, and the French ploy of trying to force a breach in the line by attacking the defended farmhouse in the centre at La Haye Saints was enthusiastically resisted until a stage too late in the battle to be of use.
The farmhouse only fell towards evening, by which time the Prussian army under Blucher had arrived to attack Napoleon’s flank. At this point, Wellington ordered a general advance and the French were routed, facing an attack from two sides.

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