IN THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER I introduced the concept of ‘psychic syndrome’, arguing that a whole plethora of influences affect a mind that is psycho-social and a reflection of the outside world. Could the universe itself work in a similar way – and a way we are fundamentally connected to?

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We actually have three levels of known reality. We have the body we see. Below this is our cellular construction. And finally we have the subatomic, increasingly becoming known as an ‘information universe’.
At present we don’t know how the three realities interact, but it is rational to assume they do. It has been suggested that one gateway for interaction could be the cytoskeleton of the cell, which is thought to vibrate. Could this act like an on/off switching mechanism similar to a computer, allowing information flow from the subatomic?
Such an idea suggests that consciousness actually resides in the universe itself; an idea given extra weight by experiments on single celled organisms which seem to have memory without a brain. As I see it, evidence of brain activity as thought is similar to observing a car in motion without looking for the driver. The driver could be the universe itself.

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Could the universe be ruled by processes of emergent consciousness? There is a known ‘law of large numbers’ which indicates that the greater the number of things involved in a system, the greater the order created.
Some levels of universal clusterings of ‘things’ are immediately obvious – the individual, the consensus, the species, planet, solar system, galaxy and universe itself. If consciousness is in the universe, then each increasing clustering would have greater order.
Similarly, as with interrelated ecosystems, they would also input to lower clusterings at some level. This process could have an effect on the emergent nature of paranormal phenomena.
For instance, at the individual level, no phenomena is identified. At the species level we could connect, producing phenomena similar to telepathy. Go to the planetary level and perhaps we could connect at a more physical level suggestive of psychokinesis.
One obvious point in this would be that we can no longer say that universal laws apply in all conditions in the universe. The process allows for higher levels of order. So why do we seem to see proof of our scientific theories?
Maybe because our process of knowledge is really a process of creation – at least, in terms of our consensus reality. But what about even higher levels? Could a higher clustering move away from time as an onward process. Could the personal mind connect so deeply that we exist in an ‘eternal now’, thus gaining information of the future from an eternal present?
In an earlier part of this study I showed the importance of ‘archetypes’ to phenomena. Could a higher universal clustering produce an eternal archetype? If so, could we, as thinking entities, be little more than a reflection of a universal? If so, we are one with the cosmos for all time. Could this confirm what we think of as spirits – even an afterlife?
In this last part I have taken a speculative look at what could yet be disclosed by thinking of knowledge in terms of emergent paranormal activity. Maybe the paranormal deserves serious study, for it could well provide the next level of our understanding of, not only man as a species, but the universe itself.

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