Global warming is said to be caused by the accumulation of carbon dioxide and other chemicals in the atmosphere, allowing sunlight through, but impeding heat getting out, thus causing the planet to warm up. This is why it is known as the Greenhouse Effect.

As the planet heats, a number of factors can be identified. Changing air currents cause havoc, resulting in changing and violent weather patterns. As warming proceeds, ice caps could melt, causing a worldwide rise in water levels, swamping low-lying land.
The main culprit behind global warming is said to be industrial man. The burning of fossil fuels in power stations, modes of transport and homes releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide. Deforestation adds to the problem, cutting oxygen released by trees.
Others argue global warming is a natural cycle we cannot change. For instance, in the 12th century vines were grown in northern England, whilst during the 16th, the Thames regularly froze over. Climate changes, so there.
Western politicians are also said to have an agenda behind acceptance of man-made global warming. By trying to stop developing countries using fossil fuels, they are protecting global markets for the western world.
Clearly man-made global warming is not proved, but it is likely. In light of this, we have the Precautionary Principle of better to be safe than sorry. Put it this way – if a car is balanced on the edge of a cliff, a human finger can tilt it over.

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