We are aware that we should be Green – that we are polluting the environment and heating up the world – but many people have little understanding of ecology and the science behind many green issues.

Ecology is about holism. It isn’t so much interested in the parts of something, but the wholeness of the system. It looks for interactions that cannot be seen, measured or observed in an easily scientific way.
The best way to identify this concept is to take the words on this post. Any one word in isolation cannot give true meaning to the whole. It is when they are grouped together that meaning is had by reading. Yet that meaning cannot be measured in a physical way.
Ecology is also about balance. For a system to work, everything must operate together. Everything must be in order and undisturbed. If one thing goes wrong, it can upset the balance and the result is disaster. Nothing works.
Such concepts are esoteric, so look at the ‘ecology’ of a central heating system. The heat in your house is above any of its individual parts. And if those parts are not all in order, none of the system works.

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