Bio-diversity is a term to explain the huge variations in nature. It is a simple fact that neither evolution nor nature could thrive if all options were not explored. Life on Earth is the result of a mixture of all possibilities.

Does bio-diversity matter today? To say it doesn’t would be to say that evolution is at an end. But modern practices seem to be going in this direction, preferring the big to the abundance of small, and the simple as opposed to the diverse.
Specific crops are preferred over the many; over-husbanding of animals is reducing the gene pool. It appears to be an efficient system, but only until something goes wrong. In Ireland, potato became the main crop, until potato blight brought the country to its knees.
This move away from diversity exists throughout modern life. Religions, languages and cultures are merging into a few standard models. Cities are beginning to look the same. But when something goes wrong, it can blight the lot.

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