Poem from Inmate, Earth

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What is that? I want to know,
I’ve got to go where knowledge goes;

I am curious, always am,
Are things laid down as a plan?
I need to find out what it’s all about,
I cannot stand that thing called doubt;
I’m not alone, there’s so many like this,
Learning things can be such bliss;
It drove that caveman out of skins,
Insatiable appetite to know more things;
It drove explorers to horizons new,
Banishing myth for things that are true;
It drove philosophers to think it out,
And then ‘Eureka’ they would shout;
It drove the scientist to delve into all,
Banish the idea that we are small;
Knowledge is simply what we do,
Improving things for me and you;
We’re Homo Curious. What’s new?

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