A Poem from Bard Stuff

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We live our lives, but is it true,
The way we behave, me and you?

Do we have the choices to make,
Or is it just one big fake?
We live in a world of consumer choice,
But images of this and that, they foist,
Upon our minds to get us to buy,
This and that, you can’t deny;
Things are made for ever and ever,
Risking nature’s splendid endeavour;
Providing for our every need,
Or is it just our insatiable greed?
But have you noticed we’ve become all the same,
Society and people becoming lame,
With wooden lives and wooden hopes,
Oh, we really have become dopes,
With wooden needs that affect our health,
And wooden ambition grounded in wealth,
As we’re all left on, the wooden shelf

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continues the dual fun and depth of my work.
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