A poem from Inmate, Earth

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Sometimes remembered, sometimes not,
I place the disc in the slot;

I sit down, watch, take it in,
The story, in his words, of Mickey Finn;
I’m fifty, he says, and lived a life,
Of quite a bit of trouble and strife;
I’ve fought in wars and loved the girls,
Seen much of life as it unfurls;
Married, two kids, a family true,
A happy sort and rarely blue;
An important job that I enjoy,
With many people I do employ;
Rich? I suppose you could say I am,
Even though life isn’t always to plan

More and more he tells me now,
Through his life he does plough,
Not forgetting anything,
‘Cos amnesia’s such a terrible thing;
And as I turn off the DVD,
I smile and say: thank you, me

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