Guru Tony

Could our eco-vandalism be a deep-seated and unconscious neurosis? Indeed, is it so deep and historic that we don’t even realize it’s there?


Civilization really got under way with the ascendancy of the god-kings of the Pre-Classical world. Arts and engineering got going. This allowed us to break out of our animist, instinctual drives. Fundamental to this was our non-eco ego, built on the idea that we’re more powerful than nature.
Of course, disaster myths such as the Flood made it clear that nature kept reminding us that we’re not. Psychologically, such counter evidence usually leads to the person constructing an edifice of self-esteem, as in the bully. Communally, I’d argue that man went on to build ‘systems’, both in the mind and the world, using the power of our togetherness to feel bigger.


Hence, we birthed the city as a communal system, and religion/ideology to fuel our feelings of greatness – and almost everything mankind has done since has been based upon this neurosis. But is there evidence of this in our behaviour?
A neurosis can often form an inborn masochism. It is interesting that any form of pleasure involving physical interaction will lead to pain if over-indulged. In other words, everyone on the planet arguably has a masochistic urge within them – what I call our ‘masocology’. And I’d argue it’s a result of our unconscious fear of nature birthed in the deep past.


Today, with pleasure-based consumerism and polluting industry, we have become the supreme masochists, unconsciously determined to destroy nature. Maybe in realizing this, we can grasp the cure.
But what would that cure be? See your future as a countdown. After all, with all the pollution, climate change and general detritus, the clock’s ticking.
Forget the doomsters who say it’s all gonna end in disaster. If the news is too bleak, people turn off – after all, what can YOU do?


Forget banning things, like cars, fun, etc. Those who demand such a thing usually have a political agenda above their environmentalism.
Play the eco-game as much as you can – recycle, save energy, etc. It makes you feel good. But don’t believe business and politicians are serious here. This is just cosmetics to make you think they’re interested.
No, to really save the planet, you’ve got to go out of environmentalism and understand the ‘system’ that’s doing all the damage.


So what is that ‘system’? Most think it’s capitalism, but it isn’t. True capitalism is a fair way of life. The problem is a multi-national run consumer society. This is empire-building, and you, and nature, are suffering because of it.
The ‘system’ is said to not be an ideology. Don’t believe it. It is. It’s an ideology creating a few mega-organisations, and billions of serfs. That’s you, guys.


To save the planet, start with the politicians. All major political parties are funded by Big Biz, so they always put Big Biz before nature, and also before you!
Start mass movements to demand Independent politicians, divorced from Big Biz. Start local, and build up to national. Make it a media issue that we don’t need – don’t want! – political parties any more.
Understand that Big Biz only exists because of big ‘systems’. Fossil fuels need big systems to maintain them, and only big Big Biz can afford this. The ‘system’ therefore guarantees they will never be challenged.


They CAN be challenged. Encourage a new breed of entrepreneur who’s prepared to look at tech that’s been on the drawing board for decades, but is ignored because it doesn’t need big systems.
This tech includes better means of harnessing wind, solar and hydro power; innovative battery storage of electricity; cermanic engine tech for a new breed of aircraft; ground effect vessels that skim across water as fast as a plane; and eco-cars that can perform as well as present models.


All the above tech is eco-friendly, and does not need big systems, so Big Biz will be destroyed, replaced by a new system of smaller businesses which, as well as anything else, would be more accountable to you. And you’d live in an eco-friendly world whilst still having a car, travel, utilities and a capitalist system.
But would a new breed of politician and entrepreneur save the planet? Well, forget about saving the planet. The planet will always survive until the sun has burnt its last. We’re the thing at risk.