MICROPEDIE – Update #1

Here are the latest updates to:

Tony’s Micropedie

QUASIapparently but not actually. Could apply to everything, inc truth, ‘cos there’s only one truth. There isn’t one.

ZEN (KOAN)paradoxical mysticism. One hand clap is easier with no arms; and my motorbike doesn’t work. Must get one.

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RATTLER’S TALE #3 – The Pop Lit Mini Mag

The Pop Lit mini mag series featuring horror,
sci fi, crime and more – mini fiction ideal for
social networks.


Ahead of himself
The time traveller was eager
Never got back home

FREE: No such thing as a free lunch? I never believed
it, so I went to one. Okay, they were strange and I was
wrong. I never even got to eat me.

So eager to buy
Yet … eager to save planet
But … eager to buy

Philip Osophy says:
There is the belief that souls move from one body to another, but has modern living validated this? Much of life’s meaning has been destroyed by consumerism; which makes it hard to truly find yourself. Yet, if you don’t find your ‘self’ you become a mere reflection of the culture around you; bored, you move to another – a transient soul.

Blogger Bard says:
A product of enlightened times,
The novel took writing away from rhymes,
Fictional tales of the human condition,
Characters in love, or feeling contrition;
A pact is done between writer and reader,
An emotional see-saw through joy or fear,
A means through which the mind is honed,
The writer’s thoughts in the reader cloned

IMAGES: Images crowd upon me … too fast; I can’t
take them! I think I must be going mad!!! Oh, the
techies and their apps – placing artificial
intelligence in a camera.

Techie Without a Clue says:
Inbox to cosmos
New master of universe
e-Man – fast as light

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