History of Horror Fiction

The horror story no doubt began before history, with sinister tales of dragons and malevolent gods around the prehistoric camp fire. But horror as noted by history is much more recent. True, Sophocles and others offered stark, horrific visions in ancient Greece, and Beowulf from 10th century Europe has echoes of the horrific, but we had to wait for Shakespeare and his contemporaries to be specifically horrific for the sake of the story.
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History of Detective Fiction

The detective story began with the creation of Poe’s Dupin in a trilogy of stories in the 1840s. Revolving around the solving of a puzzling crime, such fiction soon found favour with the reader. Dupin was a lonely, rational figure, a theme soon to be taken up by Conan Doyle in his Sherlock Holmes, from 1887.
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You’ll meet my writers from Polly Ticks to Philip Osophy, offering Pop Lit (bringing brevity to literature, making it for all) and P-ology – a microcosm of reality; of what is, and things that aren’t but should be – knowledge that speaks rather than baffles.

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We tell it how it is with our Eye On the World
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Polly TicksI do politics. I’m lazy so need a big alarm clock. I sleep with him nightly. I call him Big Ben.
Guru TonyI do society/spirituality. I keep gathering a group together but they always do mass suicide.
Dr Illya NessI do medical. I know I shouldn’t pass on infections but make me viral!
Major de RangerI do war! I tell it how it is. Some say I blow things up out of all proportion.
Pappa RazziI do media. What? Don’t! … take!! … my!!! … picture!!!!!!!
Prof Isaac GalisteinI do science. I love golf, but my ball always goes off in probabilistic ways.
Philip OsophyI do philosophy. I work things out – not like the idiots, above! They ignore me. I stink, therefore I’m out.

We do poetry & fiction for all the Blogs and
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Blogger BardI’m the literary muse; Is being real my destiny? I’m so confused; Oh, to be or …
Techie Without A ClueI do techie lit. Don’t know what I’m doing, who I am – just a confused teenager.
Harry FangI do horror. Some say I’m a vampire. Read me or … I byte!!! And don’t say I’m unRead.
Ulrika FeynI do Sci Fi. I’m fey in more ways than one. Now let’s go boldly, and not split infinity.
DI Cass NovaI do crime. From cops to killers to thieves. Now, follow me. Take my hand. Then give it back.
Miss SpellingYou don’t sea me oftin, but I du the editin.

We’re thirteen. We’ll bewitch you.

Things That Don’t Fit

I’m the mini-site for the things that don’t fit – the home page that isn’t – never mentioned, never linked to, with no home – just hanging here, like the subjects, from Disaster to Scandal. Like Graffiti:


TRUE CRIME  features case studies on most areas of crime, my own theories on page below & try my crime fiction.

CONSPIRACY CONTROL – secretive forces out to manipulate and control, but what is the reality behind conspiracy theory?

GREEN SCENE is about the environment – what green issues mean. What’s really behind our eco-vandalism. Green news on Eye On the World.

CULT WATCH – What can cults teach us about normal life? A great deal – just the extreme side of normal social interaction.


I’m the unwanted thoughts, screaming to get out – the ultimate nightmares of that supermonster, PsychoMan.
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Theory looking for fact. Well look below – scroll down for studies, then marry with theory page above. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s there, like Magic ..


Thinker’s Corner Scribblers ‘r’ I PsychoMan
Rattler’s Tale   Eye On the World

Paranormal Flash

Paranormal phenomena are perplexing unexplained mysteries. Is the paranormal a reality? Yes, I think so – but not as traditionally understood. This is my attempt at a Grand Unified Theory of the Paranormal. Scroll down for chapters or click links:


1. Evolved Consciousness
2. Minds Possessed
3. Communal Psyche
4. Discarnate, or What?
5. Future Now
6. Afterlife
7. Ghostly Encounters
8. It’s Magic
9. Poltergeist Reality
10. Telepathy or Inner Perception
11. Emergence
12. The Universe


The Unexplained

Thinker’s Corner Scribblers ‘r’ I PsychoMan
Rattler’s Tale   Eye On the World

The Unexplained

The paranormal, UFOs, Atlantis; unexplained mysteries that seem to remain elusive. Can they be understood? Can such phenomena be rationalized? I’m convinced they can. This mini-site is my attempt to explain these, and other, mysteries. Scroll down for studies of phenomena and click my theoretical essays, below. And if you like horror, try The Dark Zone.




The Anomalist
Daily Grail
British UFO Research Association
Unexplained Mysteries
Society for Psychical Research
Graham Hancock
Coast to Coast AM


Thinker’s Corner Scribblers ‘r’ I PsychoMan
Rattler’s Tale   Eye On the World

World History Flash

Historians complicate the pattern of history, being infatuated with explanation within local events. Below this there is a simpler pattern to history, which discloses much about how history really works. If people recognized this pattern, they’d have a better understanding of where they’ve been, and be much better able to decide where they want to go. Scroll down for chapters, or see additional studies:


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Thinker’s Corner Scribblers ‘r’ I PsychoMan
Rattler’s Tale   Eye On the World
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