Poems: Life



Click it and you know so much,
Transient knowledge, social putsch,
Embodied in his energy,
He is all our destiny,
And soon from screen to godly form,
Life is changed – new morn, new norm

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Is this a poem or a pile?
Words and lines in orderly file,
A reflection of how we tend to be,
Piles of actions our destiny,
Piles of things we call our own,
Piles of errors for which we atone;
Is this a life or just a pile?
I’ll have to think on that a while

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by Anthony North
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Spam is here, then it’s there,
Spam should make us all beware,
Of evolution in the raw,
Spreading like nature’s tooth and claw,
Filling environments like a weed,
Runaway capitalism’s holy creed

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I’m me, I am, I’m my own choice,
When I speak it’s my true voice,
What’s that you say? Who are you?
I’m you who comes out when you’re blue;
Some one else – what’s that you say?
I’m you who comes out when you play;
I am we – together we fire,
Singing in tune, like a choir

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The Passing

Pass right by, gone in a flash,
No time to repeat, no rehash,
Life is like that, often a bitch,
We’re stuck with results, no magic switch,
So when we think of things passing by,
Remember they have outcomes, often sly,
And prepare yourself well ahead,
For happy results, instead of dread

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Do rocks soar in space?
No atmosphere – negative grace;
They certainly soar coming through the sky,
This you definitely can’t deny,
Crashing more violent than any war,
Terrible to see what Dino saw

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All alone, nothing to say,
nothing to entice, no waylay,
All alone, is there anyone alive?
Why do I feel I’m in a hive,
People buzzing this way and that,
No time for me, that’s a fact,
Crowds are of people, but not intact

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Fame Hunger

Nuzzle food, have a sniff,
Brazen emotion, willpower stiff,
Hunger isn’t all that bad,
Head for Size Zero – makes her glad,
Photo shoot and sing her song,
Enjoy life now – she won’t live long

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Fork In the Road

Evil reigned for so very long,
‘Til saintly people sang their song,
Hitting the Devil with their halos true,
Banishing bad from the inner you,
Satan gone, leaving his symbol to goad,
Don’t pick up that fork in the road

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Event Horizon

Black Hole looms, sucks me in,
All time is one, my good, my sin,
I’m pushed and pulled as I go right through,
All the while thinking of you,
At the other side I see the light,
A baby’s cry, a mother’s delight

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