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Mini Mag 128

Polly Ticks says … Lib Dem leader Clegg wants to sting the rich with taxes. Here’s what he should do: pull out of the coalition and cause an election.
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Prof Isaac Galistein says … Hubble telescope has new images of cosmos 500m yrs after its formation. Yet is it real, or the result of our particular way of looking?
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Guru Tony says … Makers of Kit Kat have placed 6 trackers in their bars & when they find you you’ll get £10k. How to get us used to being bugged.
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ABSENT: Empty alley. Windows staring,
invitingly. The intruder entered, stole.
Next morning the child smiled, tooth
absent, replaced by surprise.
He took the credit
Cleaned out loads of fat accounts
He pleaded guilty
PLACATE: They stood at the cliff edge.
2 of them, where once there’d been one
– after he’d pushed him off. To placate
the ghost, soon there were none.
It was always free
Food, drink, a bed every night
Sadly he was not
LUNCH: Hid under the window, the
detective evaded the cannibals’ luncheon,
but had a sense of failure. The murder
suspect had been the main course.

by Anthony North
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Mini Mag 121

Prof Isaac Galistein says … UK eBook sales have overtaken print. This revolution has 2 causes – the ease of downloading, and total ineptitude of traditional publishing.
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Polly Ticks says … After Lords reform defeat, Brit Coalition is in trouble as Lib Dems won’t play ball with boundary changes. Every dictatorship crumbles.
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Guru Tony says … As the Olympics comes to an end, congrats to all Olympians, especially my fellow Brits. Our best performance since 1908. Very well done!!


BATHING: He bathed in his success. So
many deals, bribes, cons. And now he
had a pool to bath in forever – as
his victims held him under.
Crime had lessened now
Another timely sojourn
‘Til night falls again
ERUDITE: We must be erudite. The room
was locked; the presents were stolen. No
suspects but the toy figures. Motive? He
did always break their legs.
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Mini Mag 110

Polly Ticks says … With a new govt in France, the rosy Eurozone is not so sweet as divisions arise with Germany. Not only does the Euro need affluence to work, but also a love affair between old foes. It couldn’t last.
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Pappa Razzi says … As shares tumble I notice Facebook is not appearing the ultimate money maker once thought. Good. Maybe the kid can get back to running a social network rather than dreaming of ruling the cyberworld.
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Universal love
Reason for life, diverse, whole
And in death, renew
PRIVILEGE: Privileged tycoons. Huge
gardens, encroaching on their big homes.
The destroyers of nature love them.
Garden waits the day, angry, ready …
Celebrate nature
Attached by unbreakable
umbilical cord
TRAPPED: As night came, they were trapped on
the top floor. They could hear rustling below.
Outside, the trees undulated menacingly, the
rest of the city gone as nature grasped
consumerism. But such a sparse commodity,
man. A branch smashed a window …
Locked out of nature
Wander through concrete, detached
Attitude is key

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Mini Mag 93

Polly Ticks says …PM Cameron suffers multiple defeats on his Welfare cutbacks but he’s still riding high in the Polls. Tells us a lot about what today’s people think of the poor.
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Techie Without A Clue says … Good old Facebook & Twitter. As soon as you get used to something, they change. What happened to the old adage: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.
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Major de Ranger says …Tension mounting on the Strait of Hormuz as Iran and the West jockey for position. Isn’t it mad to rely on a 2 mile wide shipping lane to bring out so much oil?
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HIBERNATE: He sat on his bicycle; still;
morose. Winter; too cold for outside.
Time to getaway. To hibernate. They can
keep their phones, ’til Spring.

Guru Tony says:
At times wrong is good
To always be right is bad
Never to learn things

ESSAY: CONFIDENCE – I’ve got a problem with confidence. I see it all around me – or, at least, I used to. But if you challenge a man on his confidence, reactions get emotional. As I see it, confidence is a mask to hide the true person. Indeed, show me a truly confident man and I’ll out the wreck.
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Blogger Bard says:
Love this craft of mine
The writer plots, weaves, deceives
Crafty tales are best

IMAGES: Images crowd upon me … too
fast; I can’t take them! I think I must
be going mad!!! Oh, the techies and
their apps – placing artificial
intelligence in a camera.
Alchemy of sound
Music – make waves; grasp meaning
Human genius

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Eye On the World 8

Guru Tony says … The secret of consumerism. A customer doesn’t get what he wants, but what he’s offered … in such a way that he thinks it’s what he wants.

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Harry Fang says:
Ask: Am I fleeting?
Action comes from a belief
To think is to be

Polly Ticks says … As China & Russia want treaties to police internet, Brit Foreign Sec says they would be counter-productive. Good words. Hope they’re true … My Technology page


MUSTER: He drank too much last
night. Hitching a ride home from the
party, he mustered his courage for the
argument. At twelve, he thought
himself too old for this.

Blogger Bard says:
Fables are moral
Learn from them and we do good?
But I’m just a pig

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Pappa Razzi says …

Facebook is to become the web, fully integrated into cyberspace and your life. I network, therefore I am. What a terrifying thought.

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NewsFlash 1

Major de Ranger says … Brit Army slashed to 84,000 by 2014. Broke, uncertain world; global terrorism. Let’s hope cost cutting doesn’t say appeasement.

Prof Galistein says … Internet use atrophies grey matter with shorter attention span. If this is inevitable, literature must change to place wisdom in short bytes.

Pappa Razzi says … Amy Winehouse has passed on. In a Twitter age she perhaps didn’t die. She Trended – a true icon. Hey, Amy: say ‘hi’ to Jimi & the rest.

Polly Ticks says … The massacre in Norway is terrible. Yet tech & know-how are now giving a person the power of an army. The super-villain of fiction is real.

INDE-POL – for new politics

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Car Alarms

Guru Tony reporting …

A study has tested the reactions of passers-by to car alarms. Only 17% reacted to the siren and not one person took any action. I’m not surprised. When security tech invades us its warnings become the norm, and the whole point of security is lost.

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Fukushima Fuel Rods

Guru Tony reporting …

It seems the operators of the Fukushima nuclear plant didn’t do mandatory checks, thus allowing the fuel rods to pile up. If they can’t get checks right, how are people to believe these horrible places are safe?

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Spy Net

Prof Galistein reporting …

The WikiLeaks founder says the internet is ‘greatest spying machine the world has ever seen’. Very true, but a weapon can be turned. It is also the best opportunity since the Renaissance to be creative. And the Renaissance changed the world.

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