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Mini Mag 109

Polly Ticks says … Brit govt making preparations for Greek exit from Eurozone. It will be bad, but no one seems to be mentioning the cascade that will follow. The Euro is doomed. We must get used to it.
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Prof Isaac Galistein says … There is a talent drain in UK teaching as many become disillusioned. I’m not surprised. The new touchy-feely approach of the last 30 yrs was bound to end this way. And the real cost has been to the kids.
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COLLIDE: Bobby stuck the cat to the
football. They couldn’t part them. Cat
had to prize himself off, but how? 2
wrongs CAN make a right. Enter dog.

ESSAY: SPIRITUALITY – Spirituality is a vague concept, meaning many things to different people. To me, it is about connectedness – of man to mankind, mankind to nature and nature to the universe. What spirituality isn’t is religious. As I see it, religion is a social codification, whereas spirituality comes from within.
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Blogger Bard says:
Drifting through life’s path
No plan; just taking what comes
Laughing at rat race
BLACK & WHITE: ‘Nothing is black and
white,’ said the Thinker, sitting. ‘All
is grey.’ Which, knew his audience, was
boring. He continued: ‘Grey allows
solutions, whereas black and white leads
only to conflict.’ If only the ghosts
were still alive to prove him wrong.
The pain of heartbreak
To know opposites – so vital
To truly know joy

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Mini Mag 67

Polly Ticks says …

Students put off university due to tuition fees rise, says poll. Once was the time Brit students paid nothing as their success enriched society.

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MY STORY: It was my story but it
just didn’t seem to go right. Life’s a
harsh writer and I ended up crumpled,
like a discarded piece of paper by
the typewriter.

OPERATION: The surgical procedure
terrified me. I shook as I went into prep.
My first time. I’m qualified! Hope the
patient’s okay.

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Mini Mag 63

Prof Galistein says …

Teenagers’ IQ can rise & fall, a study suggests. I don’t think IQ tests intelligence, but cultural understanding of prevalent knowledge.

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GHOST CAR: The ghost car sped past
me silently. It wasn’t a lost soul – not on
Halloween. The veil is thin, the roads fill
up, abruptly ended journeys completed.

BACK GARDEN: Horrors untold in my back
garden. Wars prevail, genocide rages,
balance interupted by outside invasions.
Below the tranquility, the insect.

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Individual Girls

Guru Tony reporting …

Brit MP wants teenage girls to be given lessons in how to say no to sex. Isn’t it strange how as individuality is supposedly all, we’re losing the ability to think outside the herd.

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Bright First

Guru Tony reporting …

Demos warns that Brit schools are concentrating on brighter pupils and failing the rest. Of course they are! There is a societal need to feed excellence. In the old days every area had a school to cater for the child’s ability. This has now changed to one school fits all. But ideological measures to create equality just make things worse.

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