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Eye On the World #9

Polly Ticks says … The 96 fans at Hillsborough were unlawfully killed. Not a time for celebration but remembrance. Now the journey begins.

Philip Osophy says … Facebook profits triple. What is it now? Reflection of the world? Collective conscious? A popular shard? A monster?

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Blogger Bard says:
Universal net
Laptop gateway to wholeness
Cyber and real merge

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Rocketing Fiddles

Major de Ranger says … China carries out hypersonic missile test. Former US defence sec warns UK forces becoming unviable. Ah, the shifting balance of power.
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Guru Tony says … Brit police crime figures no longer reliable, it seems. Anyone could have told them that. Unreported crime & fiddling is endemic.
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Blogger Bard says:
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RAIN: Fifty years ago he last saw her
here, singing their song in the rain. Now
the rain cast its beat, the wind its words
& the elements blessed lost loves.
He felt so lifeless
He’d killed a man and felt dead
There was a life less
ISOLATE: Mixed messages come with
haste. He was late to meet them. Rushed.
Out of breath. ‘Isolate,’ he said. They
left. More slowly: ‘I so late.’

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Moral Credit

Philip Osophy says … Cyberbullying becoming a major problem. Whatever happens in reality will pass into cyberspace. The answer lies in morality, not tech.
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Polly Ticks says … Argument between DWP & Cabinet Office over Universal Credit scheme? The tech ain’t working – analogous of welfare policies all round?
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Blogger Bard Says:
Writing Tips

THE LOSS: He was inconsolable. He had
stood outside, the lighthouse towering
above, the waves towering above that.
And he had lost his fishing rod.

He wanted refuge
But purgatory beckons
No ghost of a chance

ROUTINE: His life was perfectly
balanced. Everything in its place, his
routine timed to perfection … until
events smashed it all. Then he lived.

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Cold Grimace

Polly Ticks says … The Met wants a water cannon but can’t have one. Good! I don’t like where British police are going. What happened to the good old Bobby.
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Guru Tony says … As the US freezes I’m reminded of The Day After Tomorrow. Today’s vortex, tomorrow’s cleansing? Let’s get our heads out of the ice here.
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Blogger Bard says:
Writing Tips

REFUGE: A place of one’s own. A
refuge. She craved it – a respite from
life, from hurt, from joy. But no
refuge from boredom.

Old man remembers
Pilot’s frown for a long war
He was a grim ace
HIDING: He wanted to hide from
the monster – find somewhere – anywhere!
– free from his terror. But he always
found himself.

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Mini Mag 126

Polly Ticks says … After 23 yrs we now know what happened after Hillsborough disaster. 41 of 96 dead had potential for survival, and police covered up. Shameful.
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Pappa Razzi says … So, Prince William now has to fear his wife will get the same treatment as his mother. Intrusive pics of beautiful Royals prove deadly. Return of media vermin.
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Dr Illya Ness says … New hospital planning needed as doctors say there’s been a 37% rise in admissions over 10 years. So much for modern healthy lifestyles.
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Blogger Bard says:

CONSTANT: It was constant. The killer
stalked; the ghost haunted; my mind
became fevered; I lived with the
dead!! The ideas a writer has.
To escape it all
To turn laptop off – to breathe …
Boring! Turn back on
HARVEST: The books planted concepts
in man, ploughing our furrow. In one,
a seed grew; a thought flowered; a
book written. The cycle of Interman.
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Mini Mag 104

Polly Ticks says … As a new in-work benefits regime comes in in UK, survey of job centres show only half of vacancies give enough hours to qualify for it. That damn poverty trap will always arise.
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Guru Tony says … Brit police looking at gas to use during riots. No!!! We don’t do that here. For centuries police had simple snatch tactics to arrest ringleaders. I assume that’s too dangerous for them now.
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PRICE: Mowing the lawn transported
him to a tranquil place. Beneath
the blades, destruction. Always a
price for man to leave his mark.
Criminal intent
Empty shells are everywhere
They say: I’m homeless

ESSAY: NEWS – News can often be criminal. Whenever reporting a crime, it’s sensational. After all, they have viewing figures to chase. This leaves people thinking crime is more prevalent than it is. And always a parade of victims to cause an emotional response. This is subtle. Feelings are extreme, then gone. This stops us thinking too much.
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Blogger Bard says:
Annoyance in life
Self inflicted reaction
Chief motive for crime
Every single time
When he robbed the cops were there

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Mini Mag 102

Pappa Razzi says … Panel decides last year’s UK riots caused by lack of stake in society among young. Amazing how a capitalist system aimed at young fails them. Or is it only about profit?
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Polly Ticks says … So, sacked Tory fundraiser offered dinners with Prime Minister for a quarter million. The ‘old school tie’ has gone, replaced by even more insidious influences.
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Guru Tony says … New planning reforms will make it easier to get permission for big development projects. And no doubt make it harder for smaller ones. Remember, Big is always Bad!
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THE ASTRONAUT: They looked in shock as
the astronaut came out of the capsule
after landing wearing goggles and
snorkel. When he took off he
was a monkey.
Inbox to cosmos
New master of universe
e-Man – fast as light

ESSAY: LONGEVITY – Living longer – the dream of many. But what if it became a reality for most? A life would increase in value. In the short term, this is confirmed in human rights, etc, but what if it continued? Our value would increase to the point where we are too precious to take risks. Then we’d stagnate.
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Blogger Bard says:
Do you need new style?
Have choice of mind like robots
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INBOX: Some e-mails. There was a Starship
in my Inbox. I replied to the Captain. He
said he was lost; asked what kind of
monster I was. He powered up his blasters.
Communication carried on. Space and
Cyberspace had merged in a wormhole, it
seemed, mixing fact and fiction and …
there’s a Starship in my Inbox. Blasting.
Invading. Hey!!! You’ve got an e-mail.
Ahead of himself
The time traveller was eager
Never got back home
He’d killed the stranger
Yet knights shouldn’t have ray guns
Time traveller for-gave

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Mini Mag 99

Polly Ticks says … Does UK govt plan to privatise police? Some constabularies offer contracts to private firms to investigate crimes. Being businesses, their ideology will be corporate. As this is the present ideology society & govt lives by, how is this different from political police?
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Major de Ranger says … The west fears economic decline as China’s economy grows, but as they raise military spending 11% due to regional disputes, remember: China’s history is one of totalitarianism & then fragmentation. As the poor see the rich, the latter is maybe close.
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SERENDIPITY: As she rumaged through the
rubbish, the witch cursed serendipity.
Always plenty of food, but as her
familiar it was only her leftovers.
Is afterlife real?
No confirmation ’til I …
Die! Can you see me?

ESSAY: INCUBUS – An Incubus is a male demon who, according to many mythological traditions, lies upon a sleeping female to have sex, thus taking her vitality. It is, infact, one of the more interesting paranormal phenomena. First, because it can be linked psychologically to sexual fantasy, and second, it is a clear precursor of the vampire legend.
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Harry Fang says:
Horror Page
The excitement grows
Latest vampire film preview
Sucks their sanity
CONFIRMATION: The surgeon confirmed
the lady had a donor for her heart
transplant. Beside her, unseen, the
other lady thought: about time I was
turned off. Places to go, dead
friends to see … living enemies
to haunt …
Blue lips, drained, complete
In death there is life – for me
Thank you, my loved one

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Mini Mag 84

Pappa Razzi says … UK Coalition Minister Iain Duncan Smith says riots will reoccur without structural reform of family & community. I agree, but it can’t be done by govt. Further, it is the greed of the Big Biz consumer society he wants that caused the problems.
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Harry Fang says:
The dentist prepares
Chair, drill, light, cross & garlic
Vampire got toothache

Polly Ticks says … Could there be a bonus with the UK’s veto of Euro Treaty? Lib Dem leader is furious with his Tory ‘leader’ Cameron. Could a split be coming in this undemocratic Coalition which went against the expressed will of the people? I do hope so.
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PROXIMITY: A proximity fuse, I was sure. Go
too close to her and there’d be an explosion.
I remained immobile, thinking what to do.
Finally, I realised my only course. ‘I’m so
sorry, darling,’ I said, and we cuddled. No
retribution for my stupidity today.

INKPOT: I don’t realise I’m in an inkpot.
I’m too busy trying not to drown in the
sheer scope of this liquid around me. I
think I exist, although dislocated, as if
an idea. Suddenly waves rock me as
the nib comes; yet somehow I feel as
if defined. Then I’m scratched into
existence on paper.

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Mini Mag 80

Prof Galistein says … The UK has exceeded its carbon-cutting targets, the govt feeling smug. But let’s remember the wipe-out of the mining industry in the 80s – before any govt had eco policies.
My Environment page

Harry Fang says:
We look in mirror
My reflection gone, hers faint
Saved some for afters

Dr Illya Ness says … Drugs experts have found cocaine on 11% of UK banknotes, often used for snorting. I can think of no greater evidence of an epidemic in the UK.
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UNFRIENDLY: No one visited him any more.
He stood, in that empty place, talking only
to himself – until he regularly slipped out
at night and killed … He’d feel wanted as
he conducted their funerals, the mourners
so friendly, and new spirits abroad in
the church at night.

JUBILANT: The dog raced away from the
‘One Way’ sign, hoping no one had noticed.
After all, there’s only one way to deal
with a sign post.

LUNCH: He’d seen the light – tasted real
food, real people dining, talking – thinking!
Then, later, passing the fast food joint, he
remembered repetitive tastes, repetitive
people, imprisoned in what they
think is freedom.

Succinctly Yours, ABC Wednesday, Magpie Tales
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