Mini Mag: Thinking


Mini Mag 35 – The Philosophy

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REQUEST: And people requested wealth; and Ford said: Be workers of factories; and Edison said: Let there be light; And man slaved day and night.

Blogger Bard says:
Buy one get one free
But don’t worry about us
We charged double first

SHACKLES: ‘I’m Spartacus.’ The others stepped forward, slaves no more. They left the corporate office and were free.

OSI, Writers’ I, Flash 55, Succinctly Yours

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Mini Mag 30 – The Philosophy

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Why are they so loud?
Persuasive ads sell it all
Riches but a dream

MAGPIE TALE: Mona Lisa fell into da Vinci’s experimental time machine after posing. In the 21st century she thought of being a reality star once more, but only 15 minutes of fame? Pah!!!

Blogger Bard says:
Discovery made
Only scientists are true
Reality stars

KILL: I try not to kill, but everything I do is misused. I try to benefit mankind – and I do!!! – but a scientist’s work releases both good and bad.

ABC Wed, Magpie, One Shot, 3 Word Wed

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Mini Mag 26 – The Philosophy

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STUCK: The storm had gone leaving a breeze. He was stuck now. As the sickness came it tickled. Then came the sores, the radiation falling. He would not mellow.

Blogger Bard’s STUCK:
I’m stuck in a thought
Actions can come from thinking
Mad life is let loose

PACT: A breeze,
Modern life so mellow,
Tickle pleasures constantly,
Sign here for goods,
Stuck in credit slavery,
Salesmen have horns

3 Word Wed, Thurs 13, Big Tent Poetry

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Mini Mag 16 – The Philosophy

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MICROFICTION: The Victorian feminist looked at the available men and said: ‘I’ll have that one.’ He parted with his shirt begrudgingly.

Blogger Bard says:
To do as I want
But that would impede on him
To do as he wants

ETHICS: The enlightened King of Ethics killed anyone who failed his moral values. His suicide was anticipated and morally just.

Microfiction, ABC Wed, Flash 55

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Mini Mag Eight – The Philosophy

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CLARITY: I saw everything in the mystical experience. The whole truth. But how does the mind analyse it all? Soon I knew the universe is nonsense.

Clarity of facts
They descend into quagmire
It doesn’t add up

QUAGMIRE: Erimgauq knew he was the purest wizard until he saw his mirror image. Down and down he sank. He forgot that one man’s goodness is another’s infamy.

OSI, Writers I, One Shot Wed

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