P-OLOGY: Everything on this site is in a minimalist, Flash style of writing, covering all from religion to twist in the tale, green issues to the unexplained, politics to horror.
The essays are based on Patternology, or P-ology, a thought process I devised to work as a bedfellow to specialisation. Holistic, it seeks out patterns the specialist may have missed. The subject is not about truth, but ideas. The pages are works in progress, so keep visiting.
I also specialise in Flash Fiction in all genres, most under 600 words, but also Mini Novels – 1500 word tales so full they think they’re bigger.

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BIOGRAPHY: 1955 (Yorkshire, England) – I am born (Damn! Already been done). ‘Twas the best of times … (Oh well).
I was actually born to a family of newsagents. At 18 I did a Dick Whittington and went off to London, only to return to pretend to be Charlie and work in a chocolate factory.
When I was ten I was asked what I wanted to be. I said soldier, writer and Dad. I never thought of it for years – having too much fun, such as a time as lead guitarist in a local rock band – but I served nine years in the RAF, got married and had seven kids. I realized my words had been precognitive when, at age 27, I came down with M.E. – a condition I’ve suffered ever since – and turned my attention to writing.

Contact: aneotw@gmail.com
I’m an M.E. sufferer with limited
energy so short emails, please.

by Anthony North
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by Anthony North
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