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Ahead of himself
The time traveller was eager
Never got back home

FREE: No such thing as a free lunch? I never believed
it, so I went to one. Okay, they were strange and I was
wrong. I never even got to eat me.

So eager to buy
Yet … eager to save planet
But … eager to buy

Philip Osophy says:
There is the belief that souls move from one body to another, but has modern living validated this? Much of life’s meaning has been destroyed by consumerism; which makes it hard to truly find yourself. Yet, if you don’t find your ‘self’ you become a mere reflection of the culture around you; bored, you move to another – a transient soul.

Blogger Bard says:
A product of enlightened times,
The novel took writing away from rhymes,
Fictional tales of the human condition,
Characters in love, or feeling contrition;
A pact is done between writer and reader,
An emotional see-saw through joy or fear,
A means through which the mind is honed,
The writer’s thoughts in the reader cloned

IMAGES: Images crowd upon me … too fast; I can’t
take them! I think I must be going mad!!! Oh, the
techies and their apps – placing artificial
intelligence in a camera.

Techie Without a Clue says:
Inbox to cosmos
New master of universe
e-Man – fast as light

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Dead Life: I never believed she was dead. How could she be? She was so full of life – the ultimate party girl, out there on the celebrity circuits. And then – gone. And the evidence pointed to her death. But I never believed it; and finally, I tracked her down. At least, it looked like her, but her new dowdy life and dowdy dress? ‘It was all so pointless,’ she said, ‘and I’m not going back.’ I left her dead.

It’s been an age since she was gone,
Is she where she belongs?
I’m coming to terms with my loss,
Regardless of the terrible cost;
I try to be here as much as can be,
Yet not always possible, as you’ll see;
I remember her going so very pale,
As I went to heaven, and she to jail



British Fantasy Society
Horror Writers Association
World Science Fiction Society
The Poetry Society
Crime Writers Association
Pen International


Amnesty International
Citizens Advice Bureau
ME Association
Royal British Legion
Mental Health Foundation
World Wildlife Fund

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